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Football Forecast

Football Forecast Week 9

April 23, 2021

Ham grabs share of lead from Lewis as Hayes' 9-3 week wedges him into a contending position. ...

Football Forecast Week 8

April 16, 2021

Ham cuts Lewis' lead to one as Hayes, Durham and Vick duke it out for 3rd as the playoffs start....


Football Forecast Week 7

April 8, 2021

Times assistant sports editor Jimmy Lewis used a 10-0 showing in Week 6 to stay comfortably ahead of...

Times assistant sports editor Jimmy Lewis pads his overall lead with a Week 5-best 10-1 record as second-place retired sports editor Tom Ham drops three games back with sports editor Paul Durham lurking a game behind him as the season hits the home stretch.

Football Forecast Week 6

April 1, 2021

Football Forecast Week 5

March 26, 2021

Football Forecast Week 4

March 19, 2021

Football Forecast Week 3

March 11, 2021

Jimmy Lewis and Sheldon Vick each go 11-0 in Week 2 as Vick moves into a share of the lead with Tom ...

Football Forecast Week 2

March 8, 2021

Week 2 picks from The Wilson Times Football Forecast panel....

Football Forecast Week 1

February 27, 2021

Football Forecast Finale

December 13, 2019

Football Forecast Playoffs Week 4

December 6, 2019

Football Forecast Playoffs Week 3

November 29, 2019

Attempts to cut into the lead of Jimmy Lewis proved unsuccessful last week for Tom …

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