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Who bought, sold Wilson County property from May 9-13?

Posted on May 20, 2022

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The following deed transfers for the week of May 9-13 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Randah Whitley, Raymond Shackelford, Michael Randolph Whitley, Rebecca W. Hughes and Herald H. Hughes III to Cynthia Whitley Bass and Preston Brooks Bass, 3464-A M. L. King Jr. Parkway SE, $306,000;

From Kevin Eunicee Crumbley to Amanda Moore Crumbley, 4835 Jamestown Drive NW, no stamp;

From Susan K. Ellis, trustee, Irene W. Lucas trust under will for the benefit of Jake Lucas and Irene W. Lucas, to Ann Lucas Boswell, Lillie B. Johnson, Debra B. Bottoms, Barton College, Wilbanks Christian Church and Flynn Christian Fellowship Home, trustee deed for 5304 N.C. Highway 42 E. and rural homesite on Gardners School Road, no stamp;

From Victoria Webb, executor, Robert Preston Bunn Estate and Michael Webb to Bruce Swain and Teresa Swain, 1008 and 1010 Sunnybrook Road S., $20,000;

From Danny Howell Rentals LLC to Jenna Lanier McNeil and Matthew James McNeil, quitclaim deed for 6643 and 6662 Wall Road, no stamp;

From Bruce R. Hall Inc. to Vipan Sharma and Savita Sharma, 1618 Freeman St. SE, $25,000;

From Kimberly Edmundson, James Edmundson, Roy Godwin, Deborah Godwin, Glenda Whitley and Keith Whitley to Nicole Marie Landsman and Jay D. Landsman, 1106 Raleigh Road Parkway W., $220,000;

From Justin Perry and Janna Perry to Jon Wesley Mullins and Adrienne Anita Mullins, 3824 Bucklin Drive N., Elm City, $293,000;

From Christina G. Ward to Tuong Nguyen, 3403-B Christopher Drive NW, $130,000;

From Sandra T. Graham, Stephen C. Graham, Ilean Tillery-Williams, Wilbert Tillery and William Tillery to Paul Clark, 5737 Bottoms Dairy Road, $130,000;

From Juan Pablo Lopez Oliva and Digna Maibel Avelar Hernandez to Diana Carolina Medina Barahona, 300 East St. E., $75,000;

From Vanessa Proctor, heir, Shirley Lewis Estate to Vanessa Proctor, quitclaim deed for 1113 Greenbriar Road NW, no stamp;

From Ronald Bryant Lancaster, Jane S. Lancaster, Richard Vann Lancaster Sr., Linda D. Lancaster, Glenn Carroll Lancaster and Andrea S. Lancaster to RGR Lancaster Properties LLC, rural homesite on Old Stantonsburg Road, no stamp;

From Gregory T. Barnes and Javonne M. Barnes to Gregory T. Barnes, 2603 Whippoorwill Lane NW, no stamp;

From Sleepy Hollow Development Co. to Sergio Uriostegui Quintana and Brenda Orozco Sanchez, 5312 and 5313 Little Farm Road, $60,000;

From Ronald P. Townley and Shelley D. Townley to Tricia L. Keller and Scott D. Keller, 1409 Knollwood Drive NW, $253,000;

From Property Solutions of NC LLC to Lillian Blanchard, 307 Minshall Drive, Stantonsburg, $56,000;

From Jose Ortiz Perez and Rosa Alba Carbajal to Michelle Brooks-Boyette and Shawn Joshua Boyette, 5036 U.S. Highway 264 Alternate E., $181,000;

From Addie Womble Edmundson and Brandon C. Edmundson to Nicanor Hernandez Rodriguez and Gabriela Hernandez, 5028 Curve Road, Elm City, $121,000;

From Juan J. Rodriguez Jr. and Karina Rodriguez to Herberto Lopez Barrientos, 6308 U.S. Highway 264 Alternate W., $200,000;

From Stephen Ignatius Lattibeaudiere and Kareen Blagrove Lattibeaudiere to Stephen Ignatius Lattibeaudiere, Kareen Blagrove Lattibeaudiere and Britany J. Ennevor, 1113 Nash St. E., no stamp;

From Kevin B. Bailey, trustee, and Kelly M. Bailey, trustee, the Kevin B. Bailey and Kelly M. Bailey Revocable Living Trust dated May 28, 2021, to Ralph Alan Burns and Annette Elizabeth Burns, 913 Lakeside Drive NW, $300,000;

From Tiara Bianca Wiley-King and Recio Davis King to Stephanie McCoy Artis and Alvin Leon Artis, 2519 Winding Creek Drive SW, $157,000;

From James Lee Dickey and Sarah V. Dickey to Karina Alvarez Ibarra, 4403 Chandler Drive N., $385,000;

From Philip Lytle and Joan H. Lytle to Joyce T. Woodard and Wayne M. Woodard, 2501-4 St. Christopher Circle SW, $113,000;

From Danny B. Williams Jr. and Lisa Mumford Williams to Danny B. Williams Jr. Revocable Trust dated March 9, 2022, Lisa Mumford Williams Revocable Trust dated March 9, 2022, Danny B. Williams Jr., trustee, and Lisa Mumford Williams, trustee, 3049 Forest Hills Road SW, 500 and 504 Pender St. E. and 6020 St. Mary’s Church Road, no stamp;

From Socrates R. Gliarmis and Karen Gliarmis to Ricki Lee Gliarmis Barger, 1500 Nash St. N., $78,500;

From Michelle Lynn Pierce to Stephen Leonard Pierce Jr., quitclaim deed for 6866 N.C. Highway 581, no stamp;

From Juan Daniel Maximiliano Angeles, Priscila Rebecka Perez, Mariano Damian Romero and Maria Alejandra Perdomo Reyes to Mariano Damian Romero and Maria Alejandra Perdomo Reyes, 8574 Revell Road, $188,000;

From Anthony Edward Kouris and Nicole Ree Kouris to Timothy P. Hively and Rebecca J. Hively, 2401 McNair St. SW, $170,000;

From BRH 1 LLC to OLN Properties LLC, 805 Vance St. E., $15,000;

From Derris K. Joyner and Oniesha Joyner to Kenisha Levella Bellamy, 2525 Crystal Drive SW, $180,000;

From Ralph A. Ellis Estate, Jolyn Ellis Crane, executor and attorney in fact, Davis R. Ellis, William Crane and Anne Walker Marchal to Cathel Johnson Reed, 1405 Airport Blvd., $306,000;

From David V. Poythress to Deborah P. Ayers, 1925 Poythress Road NE, no stamp;

From Deborah P. Ayers and Bobby R. Ayers to David V. Poythress, 1917-A Poythress Road and 1925 Poythress Road NE, no stamp;

From Dwayne Elvin Bissette and Sue Bissette to Roy Allen Pritchard and Ruth Anne Pritchard, rural homesite on Stott Road, no stamp;

From David Michael Garloch and Catherine Juanita Garloch to David Biggs, 903 Buxton Circle NW, $285,000;

From Johnson Bissette Properties LLC to Enrique Rubio Rojas and Zeida Lorena Delarca Avila, 705 New St. S., $50,000;

From Builtwell Construction LLC to Natasha Lasal Batts, 5956 Farmwood Loop, $332,000;

From Jonathan McLendon and Harley Bissette McLendon to Jonathan McLendon and Harley Bissette McLendon, 8704 Healthy Plains Church Road, Sims, no stamp;

From Mildred C. Sullivan, Edward Earl Sullivan, Charles W. Pittman III, Brenda Etheridge Pittman, Betty Jo Smith, Seth O. Smith and Betty Frances Williamson Smith to Michael Dennis Mudry and Susan Irene Mudry, 4676 Wiggins Mill Road, $275,000;

From Robert L. Vick and Martha H. Vick to Martha H. Vick and Robert L. Vick, 5405 Hornes Church Road, no stamp;

From Charles Darden and Pearl J. Darden to Neil Paul Larson and Katie Sinor Larson, 1107 Brookside Drive NW, $350,000;    

From Sarah Lee Cooper, George S. Barnes, Sharon Barnes, Kenneth Lee Barnes, Renee Barnes, Jimmie D. Barnes, Patricia Barnes and Minnie Lee Bynum to Tammy Sherel Barnes, quitclaim deed for 2103 Cotton Circle, no stamp;.

From Peggy G. Ellis and David Wayne Ellis, attorney in fact, to Donovan Andrew Carless and Jenicke Hobbs Carless, 3508 Providence Lane NW, $140,000;

From Joseph R. Whitley III and Lisa B. Whitley to John Craven Taylor Jr. and Aprell Caudill Taylor, 3002 Concord Drive N., $236,000;

From J. Paul Farris and Kimberly B. Farris to Chandler Joel Bryant, 1302 Downing St. SW, $44,000;

From George Groves Sr. and Lois Ilene Groves to Vertricia Harris, 4321 Nantucket Drive NW, $200,000;

From Janice Radford, executor, Edward Gold Flowers Estate, to Alberto Hernandez Ramirez and Paula Celina Gonzalez Sanchez, 4251 Shirley Road, $160,000;

From Frances Lamm Pearsall, William G. McNairy, trustee, irrevocable trust for James Albert Murphy Jr. and irrevocable trust for Elizabeth Wynne Schenck, to Red Oak Farms Development LLC, rural homesite on Raleigh Road Parkway West, $985,000.

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