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Who bought, sold Wilson County property from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3?

Posted on September 13, 2021

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The following deed transfers for the week of Aug. 30 to Sept. 3 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Seth Richard Sargent, attorney in fact, and Mary F. Sargent to Seth Richard Sargent, 5007 Country Club Drive N., no stamp;

From Carolyn B. Daniel to Benson Rentals LLC, 2801 Deerfield Lane N., $45,000;

From Callie Morris Williford Jr., Molly B. Williford, John Daniel Williford and Deborah J. Williford to Gator Wood Inc., timber deed for 8125 E. Langley Road, $74,000;

From Morris Williford Farms LLC, Callie Morris Williford Jr. and John Danile Williford to Gator Wood Inc., timber deed for rural homesite on Pleasant Hill Road, $36,000;

From Shreve Commercial Properties LLC, Bissette Realty Inc., Richard R. Herring and Norfleet F. Herring to Black Stone Enterprises LLC, 2901 Ward Blvd., $150,000;

From B&B Home Builders LLC to Brittany Nicole Adams, Stapleford Park Lot 57, Section 1, $207,500;

From Robert Clifford Smith to Carolina Tedder, 2914 Flowers Drive N., $170,000;

From FMB Inc. to Julie Teresa Pritchard, 3912 Redbay Lane N., $313,000;

From Betty Jo Smith to East Carolina Timber LLC, timber deed for 5525 Wiggins Mill Road and rural homesite on Wiggins Mill Road, $12,000;

From Bruce R. Hall, Inc. to Ranbir S. Bakhski, 506 Broad St., $25,000;

From Stephen Ray Lucas Sr. and Betty T. Lucas to Three T’s Properties LLC, 7139 Powell Hooks Road, Lucama, $10,000;

From Eusebio Coronado Montalvo and Esperanza Montalvo to Maricela Escobar Montalvo, 4232 Kent Road, no stamp;

From Marianne Mattox Davis, executor, Huitt E. Mattox Estate, Huitt Everette Mattox III, Joyce W. Mattox, Thomas Fleming Mattox, Garland Brown Mattox and Walter Anderson Mattox to Jennie R. Fagen and Ryan J. Fouche 1119 Woodland Drive NW, $425,000;

From Iqbal Majeed and Aimenah Majeed to Lauren Brooke Lamm, 5310 Boswellville Road, $165,000;

From Ernest Maddux Jr. and Doris Grant Maddux, executor, to Davina Maddux and Gwenevera Maddux, 301 and 309 North Ave., no stamp;

From Ernest Maddux and Doris Grant Maddux, executor, to Doris Grant Maddux, 307 North Ave., no stamp;

From Robert Henry Campbell and Ann Marie Putzulu Campbell to Walter Lattes Williamson and Susan Glover Williamson, rural homesite on N.C. 42 West, $80,500;

From Staci B. Baker and Garrett D. Baker to Charlene L. Sosa, correction deed for 3400 Cranberry Ridge Drive SW, no stamp;

From Gerald Wayne Edge to Hesmer Properties LLC, 3826 Starship Lane NW, $150,000;

From Brandon Allen Baker to Antonia Asmussen-Merando, 301 W. Main St., Elm City, $80,000;

From Tracy T. Jefferson and William B. Jefferson to William B. Jefferson and Tracy T. Jefferson, portions of Lots 3, 4, 5 and 12 at 1505 Kenan St. N., no stamp;

From Hazel Woodard to Hazel Woodard and Latonya Brown, 704 Englewood Drive, Kenly, $500;

From IFG Inc. to Nika Real Estate Services LLC, Finchlands Lot 3, 0.93 acres in Nash and Wilson counties, no stamp;

From Adriana Thompson to Marrball Property Investment LLC, 1318 Washington St., no stamp;

From Linda K. Mason to Robert Nguyen and Trang Ngo, 601 Nash St. W., $49,000;

From Jeffrey D. Mitchell and Joanna B. Mitchell to V.C. Winstead, 109 S. Railroad St., $1,000;

From Adriana Thompson to Marrball Property Investment LLC, 604 Carroll St. E., no stamp;

From Elijah Lee Miller and Bianca Paola Vazquez Sevilla to Machele Stokes, 6755 Wall Road, $210,000;

From RFMT Property Holdings LLC to Myles Property Holdings LLC, 2122 Fieldcrest Road E. and 4342 U.S. 264 Alternate E., no stamp;

From Clara Riece Huff to Jerald G. Measley and Irene B. Measley, 106 Terry St., Lucama, $144,000;

From Debra M. Mercer, Michael Wayne Mercer, Michael Scott Bunn and Connie Jo Bunn to Castanna M. Miles, 2741 Brentwood Drive N., $220,000;

From Erick Thorpe and Jackie R. Thorpe to Brandon Allen Baker, 5010 Four Tenths Road, $85,000;

From RMT Investments LLC to Myles Property Holdings LLC, 2407 Horton Blvd. Unit 2, and 2405 Horton Blvd., Units 3,4,5,6 and 8, $480,000;

From Sonja J. Holton to GAT Real Estate LLC, 110 West End Ave. NW, $150,000;

From Donna Vick Neal, Willie Harold Neal Jr., executor, Violet Price Neal Estate, to James David Tyson and Susan Radford Tyson, 7241 Neal Road, $250,000;

From Deborah B. Bass, Tarheel Construction of Wilson and Wade Lee Bass to Timothy Earl Clemmons and Tassie Farmer Clemmons, 4213 Snapdragon Drive NW, $227,000;

From Hung Van Le and Lien Vo to Minh Van Vo and Thiviet Lam, 2520 Winding Creek Drive, no stamp;

From NFG Management LLC to Meraki Holdings Group LLC, 8726 Town Creek Road, $60,000;

From Meraki Holdings Group LLC to Braxton Britt Rentals LLC, 3729, 3731 and 3733 Starship Lane, $450,000;

From Christy Vann and Michael Allen Vann to Joseph Andrew Penaloza-Soto and Luz Maria Villa, 7609 Millrock Loop, $180,000;

From Margaret S. Knutson, Robert F. Knowles and Lynne F. Knowles to Boone’s Antiques Inc., 2010 and 2014 U.S. Highway 301 S., no stamp;

From James B. Hunt Jr. and Carolyn L. Hunt to Jimmy L. Hawley and Rebecca Hunt-Hawley, 6653-D Governor Hunt Road, no stamp;

From Brady Scott Windham Jr. and Malory Overton Windham to James A. Boykin Jr. and Vickie C. Boykin, 1102 Riviera Drive N., $215,000;

From Bruce R. Hall to BRK Management LLC, 1006 Goldsboro St. SW, $31,000;

From Warehouse Services of Wilson Inc. to Rogelio Rios and Lizbeyde Y. Piedre, 4116 Seminole Road, $46,000;

From LGI Homes-NC LLC to Kristel Foreman, 4906 Mallard Lane, $265,000;

From MMB Investments LLC to Marsha M. Butler, 114 Spruce St. W., no stamp;

From Marsha M. Butler to Spirit of Truth Christian, 114 Spruce St. W., $148,000;

From Vicus Development LLC to LRJ Development Inc., Bellingham Lot 19, Section 1, $48,000;

From Vicus Development LLC to LRJ Development Inc., Bellingham Lot 20, Section 1, $48,000;

From Vicus Development LLC to LRJ Development Inc., Bellingham Lot 60, Section 1, $49,500;

From Vicus Development LLC to LRJ Development Inc., Bellingham Lot 65, Section 1, $49,500;

From B&B Home Builders LLC to Amanda Moore Crumbley and Eric Eunicee Crumbley, 4835 Jamestown Drive NW, $200,000;

From Troy S. Malpass & Son Inc. to Valeria Bailon Ramirez, 511 Mosby St. SW, $37,500;

From James F. Webb Jr. to Gator Wood Inc., timber deed for two rural homesites on Orchard Road, $46,500;

From Tempie Daniel Pierce, Hubert Gaines Pierce, Mary Daniel Atkinson, David Ralph Ellis, Jolyn Ellis Crane and William Bruce Crane to Gator Wood Inc., timber deed for rural homesite on Airport Boulevard West, $150,000;

From Daniel Marvin Lynch to Daniel Marvin Lynch, Angela Lynch Maynard and Thomas Cobb Maynard, 1002 Third St. W., no stamp;

From Doris Grant Maddux to Doris Grant Maddux and Verlinda Grant, 305 North Ave., no stamp;

From Donna Carlone and James Carlone to Jacqueline Diane Sauls, 6123 Ward Blvd., $78,000;

From Thomas Currin and Barbara Anne Conklin to Smriti Shahi and Ananta Shrestha, 1015 Cardinal Drive NW and single-family residential property on Cardinal Drive Northwest, $435,000;

From Center on Maintaining Preferred Aging Services and Solutions to Arise Group Realty LLC, 906 Jordan St., $5,000;

From Jeff David Cardwell and Robin Harris Cardwell to Johnny Cunningham and Nancy Pangilinan, 4504 Firestone Lane N., $310,000;

From Dwayne E. Bissette and Sue Bissette to Frank’s Home Place, Old Fields Township Lot 7, $12,500;

From Matthew N. Morgan to James Keith Hobgood, quitclaim deed for 206 S. Goldsboro St., Lucama, no stamp;

From James Keith Hobgood to Richard Nettey, 206 S. Goldsboro St., Lucama, $15,000;

From Charles W. Rakow to Sara Seglem and Kyle Schuster, 403 Westover Ave. W., $115,000;

From Barbara Ann Love Moore and Mark Anthony Brewer to Mark Anthony Brewer, 7606 St. Mary’s Church Road, no stamp;

From Whitehead Inn & Executive Suites LLC to NDW Investments Firm LLC, 600 Nash St. NE and 107 Whitehead Ave., $541,000;

From Bunn-Eagles Farm LLC to B.W. Skinner Construction Inc., 3891 Peppermill Drive N., $38,000;

From Barton Investment Group LLC to Subterra Properties LLC, 101 Brentwood Center Lane N., $105,000;

From Taine G. Pyle and Holly M. Pyle to Javier Reyes Villanueva, 1716 Ridgeway St. W., $234,000;

From Betty Pridgen Aycock to Glenn M. Wells, 1203 Crawford St. S., $50,500;

From James Arthur Ferrell Jr. and Brandy Ferrell to Kathy Thornton, 7304 U.S. Highway 301 S., Lucama, $86,000;

From Thomas L. Walker to Kelvin Maurice Taylor, quitclaim deed for 102 Martin Luther King Circle, Sharpsburg, no stamp;

From Brian G. Carr, trustee, and Jennifer L. Carr, trustee, the Brian G. Carr and Jennifer L. Carr Revocable Trust dated June 22, 2017, to Don Brooks and Jennifer Brooks, 3756 Terrace Drive NE, $18,000;

From Fulford Properties to Saleh Properties of Wilson LLC, 804 Rountree St. NE and 716 Grove St. NE, $100,000;

From Jeffrey G. Best and Elizabeth M. Best to Terry Deems Best, 1809 Rand Road W., $90,000;

From Billy Bryant Taylor to Billy Bryant Taylor and Stuart A. Taylor, 101 Minshew St., no stamp;

From Hattie Deborah Bynum to Ronnie A.W. Rashid, correction deed for 5822 Ward Blvd., no stamp;

From Ronnie A.W. Rashid and Judy Rashid to NIA Legacy LLC, 5822 Ward Blvd., $55,000;

From Amanda Whiteleather to Kari Mason Prevosi and Russell Daniel Schreier, 503 Albert Ave. NW, $198,000;

From John T. High III and Bettie P. High to Jon C. Manning, 303 Canterbury Road NW, $245,000;

From Echelon Properties LLC to Joshua Stoner, 511 Lee St., no stamp;

From Jose Arizpe and Rhonda Arizpe to Jose Antonio Arizpe and Hope Hughes Arizpe, Lot 3, portion of rural homesite on Weaver Road, no stamp;

From Jose Arizpe and Rhonda Arizpe to Jose Renteria Arizpe, Lot 1, portion of rural homesite on Weaver Road, no stamp;

From Jose Arizpe and Rhonda Arizpe to Jose Andres Arizpe and Tamara Potter Arizpe, Lot 2, portion of rural homesite on Weaver Road, no stamp;

From Charles Glenn Smith and Rose Marie Shigas, attorney in fact, to Barbara A. Lopke, 300 W. North St., Elm City, $130,000;

From R&K Group Ltd. to Ralph Hol and Juan Ram Realty LLC, 3734 and 3736 Starship Lane NW, $300,000;

From Williams Builders of Rocky Mount LLC to Tonya K. Winters, 5544 Wellons Court, $180,000;

From Russell Lee Stevenson III, Elizabeth P. Stevenson and Vanguard Properties of Wilson LLC to Brady Scott Windham Jr., co-trustee, and Malory Overton Windham, co-trustee, the W. Sille Revocable Living Trust under agreement dated July 13, 2021, 301 Wilshire Blvd. N., $580,000;

From Howard Halverson and Susan Halverson to Diane Ward Darden, 2905 Lancaster Road NW, $200,000;

From Michelle Edwards Mitchell and Joseph H. Mitchell Jr. to MEJM Properties LLC, quitclaim deed for 6844 Crystal Club Drive, Sims, no stamp;

From Susan K. Ellis, trustee, and David M. Price, trustee, Jerri W. Ihrie Trust dated Feb. 19, 2019, to Woody Canady and Barbara J. Canady, 3402 Belle Meade Drive NW, $840,000;

From WRW Inc. to Safe Investments LLC, 3713 Nash St. NW, $740,000.

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