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Our Opinion: Have questions? Times subscribers know the answers

Posted on January 6, 2022

Memorable Wilson Times front pages in 2021 report Ray Finch’s pardon of innocence, a double homicide suspect’s capture and a December fire that destroyed downtown Wilson’s B&S Wholesale Tire shop.

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Memorable Wilson Times front pages in 2021 report Ray Finch’s pardon of innocence, a double homicide suspect’s capture and a December fire that destroyed downtown Wilson’s B&S Wholesale Tire shop.

Why are some Wilson County residents not receiving their mail? Where are COVID-19 tests available? How has a long-running drought affected Wilson’s Buckhorn Reservoir? Who’s running for state House and Senate? When will the city council decide the fate of Wilson’s public pools?

If you’re not a Wilson Times subscriber, you probably don’t know. If you are, you need only refer to recent weeks’ editions or log on to WilsonTimes.com to satisfy your curiosity.

We’ve answered these questions and thousands more for our readers. That’s our job: to deliver the “five Ws and an H,” hold local leaders accountable and seek and report the truth to help citizens make informed decisions and enjoy full participation in their communities’ civic life.

Relying on the rumor mill, watercooler gossip and Facebook groups will leave you uninformed, underinformed or just plain misinformed. About one in five Americans turn to social media as their primary news source, and a Pew Research Center study from July 2020 shows they’re less engaged and less knowledgeable than traditional news consumers.

Our journalists interview the decision-makers and subject matter experts, comb through public records and ferret out the facts, making the Times a trusted and reliable source for information you can use. For 125 years and counting, we’ve been Wilson County’s undisputed local news leader.

You might occasionally glimpse a Wilson story on your favorite television news channel, but tuning in at 5, 6 and 11 is no substitute for a subscription. We’re on the outer fringe of the Raleigh-Durham broadcast market. TV news crews will stop by to snag a few live shots and sound bites when catastrophe strikes, but they won’t tell you how elected officials are spending your tax dollars or where the county Board of Education stands on proposals to close your child’s elementary school.

There’s more than just politics, government, education, public safety and health, as important as those subjects are. Our sports staff chronicles student-athletes’ exploits at Wilson County’s public and private schools and Barton College, documenting the lifelong lessons of camaraderie and fair play. Before Coby White was making national headlines as a point guard for the Chicago Bulls, Times subscribers saw him light up the scoreboards at Greenfield School.

On the editorial page, we serve as the taxpayers’ watchdog and an independent advocate for the public good. We’ve spearheaded successful campaigns to save an artist’s mural from censorship, bring the school board’s public comment policy into constitutional compliance and prod county commissioners to replace a crumbling animal shelter with the brand-new Wilson County Animal Services Center. That facility is now working toward the worthy goal of becoming a no-kill shelter, a recommendation that first appeared in this space.

Tooting our own horn doesn’t come easily; we prefer to let our work speak for itself. But the American newspaper industry is navigating rough seas, with the COVID-19 pandemic worsening revenue shortfalls that have shuttered more than 2,000 publications in the last 15 years. Your Wilson Times is more buoyant than many of its peers, but staying afloat requires support from subscribers as well as advertisers. To publish the paper Wilson County deserves, we need your help.

Technology allows us to bring you the news in more ways than ever before. In addition to the hold-and-fold print edition, we maintain a robust online presence on WilsonTimes.com where we report developing stories in real time. Many stories feature videos that give you an up-close view you won’t find anywhere else.

You can sign up for email newsletters to get the latest Wilson County news in your inbox seven days a week, and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with local happenings on the social media platforms you already use to communicate with friends and share ideas.

If you’re a print or digital subscriber, we thank you for your support. We’ll work each day to continue earning your business. If you aren’t currently subscribing to the Times, we invite you to join your neighbors by making an investment in your right to know what’s happening in your community.

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