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Making memories at Wilson County Fair

Posted on August 30, 2021

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I have fond memories of going to the Wilson County Fair as a child. My sister, Susan, and I loved riding the Ferris wheel, the little boats that went around in a circle and the hobby horses.

We’d always manage to talk Daddy into letting us play pick-up-ducks or toss wooden rings on a peg to win a prize. My all-time favorite prize was a soft drink bottle somehow stretched under high heat and then filled with pink water. It was the 1970s, and that was a groovy cool bedroom accessory.

I thought it couldn’t get any better, but it did when my husband and I introduced our children and later our granddaughter to the joys of a county fair.

All three kids looked forward to the fair all year. They would make projects to enter in the competitions and often brought home blue ribbons. They looked forward to seeing the big pumpkins in the exhibit hall and the chickens in the livestock barn.

They’d wait in line to ride the dragon roller coaster, take their turn on the giant slide and run through the glass house over and over.

We’d always take time out of the rides and playing games to see a midway show, whether it was a trained tiger or a high-wire act.

And then they’d choose how to use their allocated money to play pick-up-ducks, ring toss or darts. We’d always go home with a stuffed animal.

When it came time to eat, they’d choose hot dogs, corn on the cob and fresh cut fries for supper and end the evening with popcorn, cotton candy and candy apples.

We’d always go home with sticky hands, tired children already asking if we could go back later in the week and enough memories to last another 12 months.

I know we’re lucky to have a county fair, and we certainly plan to go for the September event in Wilson.

Read all about it in this edition in a story by Janelle Clevinger and make plans to attend.

This year, we will be introducing our newest granddaughter to our family tradition. I can’t wait!

If you’d like to experience a traditional county fair, make a trip to Wilson Sept. 21-26.

Lisa Boykin Batts is associate editor of The Wilson Times and editor of Wide Awake.

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