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Tom Campbell


Avoiding another failed school year

By Tom Campbell
| September 16, 2021

There’s no sugarcoating it: More that 50% of North Carolina’s schoolchildren failed to achieve grade...

John Hood


Biden's mandate goes too far

By John Hood
| September 16, 2021

RALEIGH — I got the COVID-19 vaccine shortly after it became publicly available. I did so because I ...


Weekly devotional: We are no longer separated

By Grace Ministries USA
| September 16, 2021

Ephesians 2:12-13 (ESV) “Remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from t...

Jean McCamy

Views and Reviews

Getting vaccinated is our patriotic duty

By Jean McCamy
| September 15, 2021

I was very happy to hear the president declare mandatory vaccine requirements for everywhere he has ...

Marty Simpkins

Vacation a welcomed break from news

By Marty Simpkins
| September 17, 2021

Some readers might have noticed there were slightly fewer articles and photos from yours truly in la...

Dallas Woodhouse


Case could destroy NC’s high court

By Dallas Woodhouse
| September 14, 2021

It would be outrageous. It would be unprecedented. It would damage the credibility and validity of N...

Dave DiFilippo cartoon


Our Opinion: Video lottery bill ignores unregulated sweepstakes games

A Wake Weekly editorial
| September 9, 2021

North Carolina legislators seem to be OK with gambling just so long as the House — the one that meet...

Guest Editorial

Protect charter school students’ civil liberties

A Wilson Times editorial
| August 20, 2021

Families’ fight against a discriminatory dress code will continue, but a court ruling in the case co...


Our Opinion: Lawmakers, be good sports and kindly butt out

A Wake Weekly editorial
| July 29, 2021

When legislators have a vested interest in the outcome, no institution is safe from their meddling —...

Details of disciplinary actions taken against government employees are already public record in 36 other states. Senate Bill 355 would unlock that information for North Carolina taxpayers.

Guest Editorial

Transparency foes don’t represent NC stakeholders

A Wilson Times editorial
| May 27, 2021

Who says North Carolina’s state employees and schoolteachers are against transparency? Lobbying eff...

Guest editorial

NC should let public review body camera video

A Wilson Times editorial
| May 12, 2021

The standard objection, a familiar talking point recited so often it’s become a cliché, goes somethi...


Our Opinion: Lift veil of secrecy shrouding public employee records

A Wake Weekly editorial
| March 18, 2021

Your taxes pay their salaries, but when police officers, teachers and other public-sector workers ar...

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