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Sharing the dinner table with a dog

Posted on June 20, 2022

Updated on June 26, 2022


Jean McCamy

Jean McCamy

Whenever there is an occasion for a family gathering, I think about that unfortunate saying, “The worst possible excuse for getting together with people you don’t like is because they are related to you.”  That would be terrible. I am so glad I not only love my family but like them, too.
Of course, we gathered for Father’s Day, even though people were missing from the group. The upside was that with only 10 people, we would all fit around one table. And we only had one dog in attendance this time. Granted, he is a large dog and takes up a lot of space.
Dodger is a Burnese Mountain Dog. While wearing his service vest, he is all business and does his job of guiding his blind mistress very efficiently. However, when the vest comes off, he is a hunk of burning love and everybody’s best friend, anxious to snuggle up and be adored, which he is.
Our family gatherings tend to get a bit loud and raucous at times, but with joking and laughter, not with arguments and rancor. Fortunately, Dodger only wriggles with excitement, but doesn’t add barking to the general uproar; and, while not allowed to mooch from the table, he’s a whiz at cleaning up any stray crumbs.
I’ve never given much thought to having 20 or so people for a meal. It has always been easy if everybody would just stay out of my kitchen and let me do it at my own pace. But I find that my own pace has slowed down and I’m having to learn new tricks these days.  
I’m still not good at potlucks, but I can manage to assign a few more prep jobs than I used to; and if I close my eyes and don’t watch, I can let somebody else load the dishwasher.
I find sharing meals with family and/or friends one of life’s real pleasures, and I do hope I can keep on managing it in the years ahead, even as I must learn more new tricks for this old dog.  
Not being a baker, I’ve bought my desserts for years, but I discover I can tuck in an occasional almost-homemade take out from The Forks as well.

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