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Second Amendment protects all types of guns

Posted on June 30, 2021


Artist Jean McCamy’s essay “America’s gun problem is certainly not OK” (June 18, 2021) is way off target and “certainly not OK.”

As weary as she may be of hearing about the Second Amendment, even bitter foes of gun ownership like her are no longer denying it is a right, so now they are shifting the argument to “but what kind of gun?” The Second Amendment does not discriminate among kinds, and simply says “arms,” much like the First Amendment needn’t list the modalities approved for free speech — radio, TV, the Internet, etc. By the way, I couldn’t find anything in the Constitution about her supposed “right to feel safe.”

I’m a state-certified firearms safety instructor, and I’m not sure exactly what she considers “regular guns,” but there is nothing more “regular” than an AR-15, the most common and typical long gun ever made. It is not an assault rifle, but it is versatile, as the judge said, and his simile about the multipurpose knife refers to its wide adaptability and not to listing how it can be misused.

It is perfect for target practice, competitions, hunting, personal protection, law enforcement and professional security. It is even available as a pistol, although this is too bulky to carry like pocket watches. It is user-friendly and is very accommodating to every person’s body type and physical ability.

What it is not is a “weapon of war,” as no army or navy in the world uses it in combat, so it is not “military,” regardless of its cosmetics or “style.”

Now that so many citizens own guns and the crusade to confiscate all firearms seems doomed, the focus turns to “kinds” of guns, and of course they are going after the kinds that people have the most numbers of, like the AR-15, and next they will be going after the highly popular 9 mm pistols that so many people have and are presumably the handguns McCamy says are OK to carry.

Guns are not the problem, and it’s especially not a matter of “what kind,” since that just seems to be a tactic to divide and conquer the gun-owning public, just as the politically contrived epithet “assault weapon” was coined in order to confuse and deceive people into being agreeable to demonizing certain “kinds.”

Mike Butler


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