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Franklin County School Board candidates respond to questions

Posted on May 10, 2022

Updated on May 11, 2022

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Candidates running for Franklin County School Board shown clockwise from top left are, Christopher Perry, District 5; Tammy Petrosillo, District 5; Tawanda Henderson-Tucker, District 7; and Erin Patterson Reid, District 7.

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Candidates running for Franklin County School Board shown clockwise from top left are, Christopher Perry, District 5; Tammy Petrosillo, District 5; Tawanda Henderson-Tucker, District 7; and Erin Patterson Reid, District 7. | 919-424-1778

Four seats are up for grabs on the Franklin County Board of Education on the May 17 ballot. The seats are in District 1, 3, 5 and 7.
The nonpartisan race in District 3 includes Steven Gupton, Elizabeth Keith and April Lloyd. District 5 includes Christopher Travis Perry, Tammy Raynor Petrosillo and Joe Balazsi. District 7 has Tawanda Henderson-Tucker, Erin Patterson Reid, Paige Sayles and M. Brandyn Smith. Meghan Jordan is running unopposed in District 1.
The questions were sent to all candidates on the ballot and seven sent responses to The Wake Weekly 2022 Board of Education survey. Their responses appear below, organized by district in alphabetical order by the candidates’ last names.

Candidate Questions: District 3: Candidate GUPTON and Candidate KEITH

Briefly list your educational background and other relevant experience. 
GUPTON: I presently serve as a middle school teacher, an adjunct instructor at a community college, and as an academic advisor/coach for EMS Programs at our state’s largest community college. I serve as a paramedic with within my community. I have the distinct honor of serving as a member of the North Carolina Governor’s Teacher Advisory Committee, advising the Governor on the impact of state, local, and federal education policies for Pre-K through 12th grade; the state budget, and proposed or pending state or federal legislation, policies, and regulations. I am a member of The Advancement and Development Subcommittee of the NC Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission.
KEITH: I have earned degrees from NC Central, East Carolina, NC State and Nova Southeastern University. I am certified as a Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction, CTE, a Principal and Superintendent. I have served as a teacher, Director of Middle and Secondary Education, as a Lead Evaluator for AdvancED--the certifying body for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  I am a member of the NC School Board Association’s Legislative Committee and the Department of Public Instruction’s Portrait of a Graduate Design Team. I am a member of the Franklin County Board of Education representing District 3, serving as chairperson.
Why are you qualified to hold the office you seek? 
GUPTON: As an active classroom teacher, I hear and understand the struggles, concerns, and issues of our student, their parents, and all of our stakeholders. I am in the trenches serving students every single day. I build relationships with those that are oftentimes ignored or pushed to the side. Through innovative practices, I am able to grow student personally and academically. As a board member, I will bring the perspective of a teacher to the table, but I would also be bringing the concerns and the voice of students and parents. 
KEITH: I am certified as a classroom teacher in several areas. I have earned educational degrees from four accredited universities and I hold a doctorate degree in education.  I have extensive training on school board ethics and leadership. I have traveled across the state leading school evaluation teams using a rigorous process that involves verifying that accredited schools are safe and adhering to high quality standards based on the latest research and successful professional practices.  I provide input to our local and state legislatures about the needs of the school system and serve on a state team to improve student success.  
Why are you running for this position? 
GUPTON: I see the direct impact policy decisions can have on students, families, and educators. The Board of Education is tasked with providing leadership, establishing the direction, and setting policies that define and set high academic standards for student success. I am running to ensure that those policies and the vision set by the board of education are those that focus on the whole child, educational equity and access, family and community engagement, and strong support for all staff. Past promises have not yielded many results and it is time for young, resilient leaders to have a seat at the table to introduce innovative ideas that will move our system forward. 
KEITH: I know that strong schools are critical to the general vitality and economic well-being of a community and that the policies that Board put in place affect students and their ability to successfully move to the next stages of their lives. As a life-long Franklin County and District 3 resident, I have observed and experienced our growth from a small familiar district to a diverse district of over 8,000 students. I have the historical background that gives me a unique perspective and I am particularly suited to balance the interests of students, families, school system employees and taxpayers.
What are the three biggest issues that need to be addressed by the school board and what is your position on each of these issues? 
GUPTON: The Whole Child: As a classroom teachers, I understand that we must support the needs of EVERY student, inside and outside the classroom. Programs must offer all students an educational experience that focuses on academic and social-emotional learning, to prepare them for the world beyond the classroom, thus focusing on the WHOLE student. Equity and Access: Equity does not mean equality. I recognize some students need additional resources that will provide them with the same opportunity for success as others. As a system (nationwide), we must commit to ensuring the needs of all student populations are met, including English language learners, students with disabilities, Black students and students of color, religious minorities, LGBTQ students, and others. I recognize that ALL of our students are an asset and that our diverse student population in public educations is one of our strengths. Family and Community Engagement: Identifying barriers to family and community engagement should be a priority. Everyone doesn’t have the same story that I do and didn’t experience the same struggles I did as a student; however, each student and family has a unique story that may prevent them from being “present” and involved. We must embrace each story and believe that every parent wants what is best for their child, but we must provide enhanced methods that encourage family and community involvement. 
KEITH: Safety in schools, on buses and on school grounds is extremely important to keeping students and staff safe. Safe schools require budgetary considerations including earmarked appropriations as well as training for students and staff. Safety requires coordination and collaboration with law enforcement. Safety also includes adequate facilities that are free of seen and unseen hazards, making it necessary to continually evaluate, upgrade and improve facilities and surveillance. COVID-19 presented major challenges to the educational progression of our students and even though we are back on a normal school schedule, we are still feeling residual effects from the pandemic, I cannot adequately express what a tremendous job our teachers, administrators and school staffs did and are still doing to ensure that our students continue to have every opportunity to succeed. However, we are still faced with grade level proficiency deficiencies and closing achievement gaps for all children. We will need to work collaboratively with the business community, educators, and families to ensure that all of our students are locally and regionally influenced, yet globally positioned with educational experiences that prepares and encourages them to be lifelong learners and contributors to their lives and society both now and in the future. Additional teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses and other support personnel will be needed to address student needs. The district faces significant issues related to internet connectivity for students  living in the rural areas of Franklin County. Even though the district provided “hot spot” support to students and families with limited internet service during school closure during the pandemic, Broadband internet connectivity is a must in order to close the digital divide.
If elected, what changes would you make within the first 100 days of being in office? 
GUPTON: Exclusionary discipline practices such as suspensions and expulsion aim to create learning environments that are safe and orderly, but research tells us that these practices do not work. I will work with the superintendent and other members of the board to address the disparities in discipline across the district. I would work with the board to celebrate learning by celebrating learning models – which also means taking a deep dive into the alarming district data as it relates to math and ELA scores for all students, but particularly marginalized students. Acknowledge that every principal and administrative team at each school understands what is needed and that the one-size-fits-all approach needs to be rejected. 
KEITH: Individual board members do not alone make changes. As a member I will encourage and support policies that are educationally sound and prepare our children for success at the next level whether they begin work after high school, join the military, go to a community college or attend a university.  I will aggressively help guide the process and provide the appropriate oversight to ensure that the school environment is conducive to teaching and learning and continually improves the educational process in Franklin County Schools.
What is one issue that does not get talked about as much that concerns you? 
GUPTON: Mental Health: Student mental health services and supports must be a priority, just like academics. As a classroom teacher, I am oftentimes tasked with tending to the needs of my students’ mental health. I am not qualified to do that, nor are most teachers. Strengthening the pipeline of mental health professionals that are in our schools, or that we can contract with should be at the top of everyone’s list. Teachers cannot teach children that are not taken care of mentally or physically. 
KEITH: Getting and maintaining an adequate substitute teacher pool is an issue that concerns me. There is a growing need for daily and long-term substitutes to fill positions when teachers are absent because of sickness, maternity leave, or they simply leave the profession. There is a shrinking supply of qualified individuals to fill these positions. Even though some of the requirements have been eliminated and the pay has been increased, there is still a substitute teacher shortage in Franklin County making it necessary to further examine policy solutions that could help fill this void.
Why should voters select you as the candidate? 
GUPTON: I am in the trenches doing the work. I am not out of the classroom. My perspective is one that will be brought to the table from the “present moment”. When the superintendent and her staff presents data and metrics that are questionable, I am able to ask those difficult questions and encourage uncomfortable conversations that other shy away from. I believe in holding people accountable for the success of our students. I believe that EVERY child, regardless of socioeconomic status or zip code, should be afforded an opportunity to be successful. I will fight for that. All students, parents, and staff will have a voice if I am elected. 
KEITH: Voters should select me to represent District 3 because: I understand that the school board’s function is to direct the overall course of growth and improvement through policy and oversight and that resources must be used with fiscal integrity and prudent spending. I understand that the district’s resources should be responsibly managed in order to hire and retain highly qualified teachers and staff and to provide them with the support required to educate and prepare children for job entry or future educational endeavors.

Candidate Questions: District 5: Candidate PERRY and Candidate PETROSILLO

Briefly list your educational background and other relevant experience. 
PERRY: I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science with a Concentration in Biology.  I have over 21 years experience teaching in public school in North Carolina. 
PETROSILLO: I earned a Bachelors in Art Education degree from Meredith College. I am a licensed K-12 visual art teacher. I taught middle school art for 7 1/2 years with Franklin County schools and 8 years of elementary art with Franklin Academy. I owned Young Rembrandts-Raleigh, an after-school art enrichment program where for 4 years I managed after school drawing classes across Wake and Franklin Counties. I have worked with our youth in a variety of ways from teaching art and dance to coaching to a mentoring teens. I spent 15 years in the corporate world in advertising and marketing before becoming a teacher.
Why are you qualified to hold the office you seek? 
PERRY: I feel I am qualified because I bring a view from three different perspectives:  a parent, a teacher and the spouse of a Franklin County teacher.  These allow me to see the effects of policies and decisions from multiple viewpoints which will allow me to make better and more informed decisions. 
PETROSILLO: As a current teacher, I know what teachers need, what students need and what schools need. I feel it is my calling to bring the perspective of a current teacher to the FCBOE. I have been an advocate for education for 25+ years taking my personal time at the NCGA lobbying support for/against education bills. I have partnered with non-profits in promoting arts education in the schools.  Between my experience in the corporate world and my education experience, I have the knowledge, experience, expertise, and leadership skills to successfully serve on the FCBOE.
Why are you running for this position? 
PERRY: I am running because we need changes in Franklin County School.  Our enrollment is dropping, parents feel they have no voice and many teachers feel they have no very little support from administration at the school or county level.
PETROSILLO: Public education across this country is at a crisis point. Teachers are leaving the profession. Colleges are not graduating enough education majors to fill the vacancies. The teachers we have now are at a breaking point & are exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Teachers feel undervalued and under supported. Due to underfunding and cuts to special ed and other programs, schools are struggling to meet students’ needs. I am running for FCBOE to be the change that I want to see and to bring solutions to the table that will benefit our teachers, our students & families, and ultimately our community.
What are the three biggest issues that need to be addressed by the school board and what is your position on each of these issues? 
PERRY: Three issues that are important to my campaign are parent involvement, teacher support and preventing political ideology from invading our classroom.  One thing that Franklin County Schools used to be well known for was its parent and community involvement.  We do not see that now. The parents and many others in the community feel they have been pushed aside and have very little say as to what happens in the schools. This was a problem before Covid. Another thing that will make our schools the best they can be will be giving our teachers the support they need to teach their students. Teachers must be allowed to have control of their classroom. Teachers must feel they have a voice and are able to share their concern without fear of retaliation from school level administrators or county level administrators. Too many times people get into administrative roles and forget what it is like to be in a classroom.  It is time we fully support our teachers. The third thing that concerns me is politics seeping into the classroom. Our kids come to school to be educated, not be indoctrinated with political topics. The students do not belong to the schools. Parents trust us with their children and we do not need to break that trust by filling their heads with topics that contradict the values that parents are trying to instill in their children. That is not the role of the school system or teachers.
PETROSILLO: I want to shift the focus on schools back to the basics; reading, writing, arithmetic, art and music. I am currently in the classroom and I know from first-hand experience what teachers are faced with on a daily basis. I know what teachers and students need in order to thrive and I know what our schools and classrooms need. I will be a voice for the teachers and students. Together we will work to prepare our students to have a successful future. We need to focus on the safety and mental well-being of our teachers, staff, & students. Only after the basic physiological and psychological needs are met can real, meaningful teaching and learning take place. When the basic needs of students, teachers, and school staff are met, they then can work to create an educational environment that allows both the teacher and student to thrive. A thriving public school system depends on community support. One of the foundational pillars of a thriving community is a thriving public school system. Parents need to be involved in their child’s learning experience. The educational success of a student depends on a working relationship between the teacher, school and family. I want to help forge those relationships and encourage parents to be a part of their child’s educational journey. Parent’s voices matter.
If elected, what changes would you make within the first 100 days of being in office? 
PERRY: In the first 100 days I would like to end any remaining restrictions on volunteers in schools, end any remaining covid policies pertaining to quarantining students, put policy in place the prevents the teaching of any part of the Critical Race Theory and embolden or put policy in place that prevent the teaching or discussion of sexuality in any classroom unless it is a part of the estate mandated curriculum for that class.
PETROSILLO: I would address the teacher shortage. Currently, we do not have enough teachers to fill the current vacancies. We have to make sure all of our classrooms are staffed.  Without a teacher, learning cannot take place. Priority number one is to hire teachers to fill these vacancies. 
What is one issue that does not get talked about as much that concerns you? 
PERRY: The one issue that never gets talked about that is a big concern is the number of students that Franklin County Schools have lost over the past 6 school years.  If we continue at this pace, we possibly might have to shut down schools.  We must recognize that we have problems and work to solve those problems so parents will want to bring their children to our schools.
PETROSILLO: Discipline in the classroom. Behavior is an issue in the classroom across all schools, all grade levels and content areas. It is essential for the teacher to maintain order in the classroom. They also need to protect and preserve the learning environment. We have got to address the behavioral issues in the classroom & provide resources to support teachers so they can do what they are the experts in and that is teach. 
Why should voters select you as the candidate?
PERRY: I believe voters should vote for me because of the ideas I have explained above and because of my unique qualifications of a parent and teacher.  This gives me a perspective that no other candidate has.
PETROSILLO: In addition to my credentials listed above I think it’s time to put a current teacher on the board of education and bring the perspective of a teacher to the FCBOE.

Candidate Questions: District 7: Candidate HENDERSON-TUCKER, Candidate REID AND CANDIDATE SMITH

Briefly list your educational background and other relevant experience. 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: From 1999 until 2002 I returned to Vance Granville to obtain Early Childhood Education I and  2 testing out of 2 receiving my associates. I also achieved  a certificate in Bio works Technology.  I have done volunteering at Dept of Aging in Franklin County and served as a PTA member volunteered in school classrooms and chaperones on field trips in the Drankin County Schools. I was also a Wake County TA for 3 and a half years during that time I also did tutoring after the school day. 
REID: I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree from Barton College. I graduated in 2002. Prior to that I attended Franklin County Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade, graduating from Bunn High School in 1997.  I have been involved with children my entire life working at daycares and holding my first job as a social worker with Franklin County Department of Social Services.  I served as Booster Club President at Bunn High School for two years. I am currently on the Board of Directors with Bunn Youth Sports. I have volunteered as a coach many times since 2009 ranging from youth basketball to youth softball. I also serve my community through my church, Bunn United Methodist.
SMITH: I graduated from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System in 2001. Since graduation I have strived to pursue furthering my education to stress the importance of knowledge through education to my children. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire and Emergency Services Administration from Fayetteville State University. I also have Associate Degrees in Emergency Medical Science, Science, and General Education. I am presently enrolled at UNC-Pembroke for a Master’s in Public Administration. 
Why are you qualified to hold the office you seek? 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: I feel I am qualified because I bring a view from three different perspectives:  a parent, a teacher and the spouse of a Franklin County teacher.  These allow me to see the effects of policies and decisions from multiple viewpoints which will allow me to make better and more informed decisions. 
REID: I am qualified to hold the office first and foremost because I am a parent with five children in the Franklin County Public School System. I have an inside view from the home in the decisions that are made by the Board of Education impacting the lives of students. I am my children’s biggest advocate and will be that way for all children and parents in Franklin County when elected. 
SMITH: Throughout my career I have served on numerous board and committees, either as a member or officer. My experience with public interaction is vast and I believe myself to be an impactful public speaker that does not shy away from the “difficult” topics. Additionally, I have spent the last 13 years of my career as an educator and training officer within emergency services. Learning the needs of each student and providing equity and inclusion has served me well as an educator and instructor. Though my experience has been in the realm of adult education, the basic needs of a learner, regardless of age, are similar and must be met to ensure that learning and growth is occurring. 
Why are you running for this position? 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: I have a strong bond for my Franklin County roots,this is my home and the youth are the future of our community. I want to be the person  that paves the road to success for every child attending the Franklin County School Districts. 
REID: I am running because of parent’s choice. Too many decisions have been made over the last two years at the hands of board members who are not parents of children in the school system. I am running because the well being of my children means a lot to me and in order to have my input heard on the decisions that affect them daily while at school, I need to have a front row seat in helping to fix the problems of the current leadership has created. 
SMITH: I believe that every school board member should have “skin in the game”. Members should be directly impacted by the decisions they make regarding the scholars within our school system. I have two children currently enrolled in FCS and a third that was previously enrolled. I had reached a point where the decisions that were directly impacting my children, like so many others, were being made by individuals that did not truly feel the impact of those decisions. I also believe that when a system reaches a point of stagnancy that new eyes, ears, and opinions can bring strategic plans for growth and improvement. 
What are the three biggest issues that need to be addressed by the school board and what is your position on each of these issues? 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: These are the improvements that I would love to see accomplished: Bridging the Gap Between  administration,parents,staff and students; maintaining a safe and nurturing environment and making students aware that achieving goals are possible and the foundation is education. My goal is to bridge the gap between administration parents staff and students. Each position plays an important role in our students commute and engagement during the school day. Bridging the Gap between these will lessen misunderstandings, misconduct and misrepresentation. As a member  of the board I will promote the safety of all students and emphasize that safety is a number one priority. I will advocate that bullying peer pressure gang activity and affiliation will have zero tolerance in our school districts. I will also promote that If you see something say something, you may save a life. In the school districts I feel that nurturing has been deleted from the every day contributions to our students. All students should feel safe and proud to be a student of our Franķlin county school districts. Also students should hear that education is the foundation to fulfill goals and dreams. Assuring each student that success is not only a goal but can be the reality in each of their lives. 
REID: Parent’s Choice - My position is simple. Parents should have the choice to decide what is taught to their children while at school. Certain issues should be left for the home; not taught at school. Sexuality, Gender Identification are all things that should be taught by parents in the way that they see fit. Critical Race Theory - There is no place for this in our schools. No child should be made to feel guilty for the color of their skin, nor should a child be taught they are a victim because of the color of theirs. We should be teaching the basics; reading, writing and arithmetic. All children should be empowered to be the best they can be. They all have the same opportunities to excel in school and we should promote that rather than division. I believe we need to educate students not indoctrinate them. Discipline - Our school system appears to be afraid to discipline children. There should be a uniform policy on discipline that must be enforced consistently. One or two children should not be allowed to continuously disrupt a classroom at the other children’s expense.  Teachers need to be supported in the classroom by the administration and their concerns must be taken seriously. They should feel that the administration and the Board of Education has their back. That will in turn keep them motivated to do their best for their students. 
SMITH: Retention and recruitment of certified and classified staff. Please note the word retention appears first. Before we can begin to explore adding more staff, we need to find out why we are losing current staff. Most readers will claim that this is a “money” issue. Money, though a good motivator, is not the answer to every situation. Let’s get down to the root of why FCS is losing staff to other systems or other professions. How? Let’s sit down with staff in open forum without administrators and listen to them…listen, not simply hear. Developing a pay structure for classified staff that gives realistic and attainable pay grades based on years of service. This would require raising the starting salaries for nearly every classified staff member in the FCS system. Along with this endeavor, evaluating performance or merit based “bonuses” for certified staff. Pursuit of grants and outside funding sources for the acquisition of educational supplements for underfunded populations. FCS has done well in this area, to date. However, I would like to see increased pursuit for all supplemental funding that are available. Funding should be sought for any project or capital improvement that the Board wishes to pursue prior to ever asking the taxpayer for more of their money. 
If elected, what changes would you make within the first 100 days of being in office? 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: Going to each school to let awareness be made that I am here to listen process evaluate and execute needs problems and concerns, going to each school and understand the needs of the admissions staff parents and students, and I would ask to reset the specification and determine what’s the needs of the school that has more impact to insure every child is on an average or above average scale. 
REID: Within the first 100 days in office I would change the time of the school board meetings. They are held at 6:00. If you want to speak you have to be there at 5:30 to sign up. That is not convenient for working parents who want to be involved. I would motion to move the meeting to 7:00 with those who wanted to speak signing up from 6:30-7:00.  
SMITH: I would want every board member to join me in meeting with every staff member at our schools and central office. These meetings would be open forum, free of all administrators, for every staff member to tell us (the board) what the real issues were within their schools or department. I would then want to meet with all administrators and supervisors to learn their concerns. After conducting these meeting and constructing a SWOT analysis, I would want to begin laying the groundwork for a strategic plan to address the issues identified.
What is one issue that does not get talked about as much that concerns you? 
HENDERSON-TUCKER: The one issue that never gets talked about that is a big concern is the number of students that Franklin County Schools have lost over the past 6 school years.  If we continue at this pace, we possibly might have to shut down schools.  We must recognize that we have problems and work to solve those problems so parents will want to bring their children to our schools.
REID: One issue that does not get talked about enough is discipline in schools. Our schools are out of control. There was a fight at Bunn Middle that resulted in a student being seriously injured. There are reports of weapons on campus, drugs on campus. Yet, numerous chances are given to these students and not even discipline. We have to be stern with students and teach them that there are consequences to their actions. This will carry them into adulthood and hopefully effect their decisions in a positive way.  
SMITH: The lack of resources for our special needs scholars. There are very limited positions within the schools that are dedicated to children with learning disabilities, mental health issues, or developmental disorders. We cannot claim to be a system of diversity, equality, and inclusion when we are failing to provide equity to these specific learners to achieve equality. It is incumbent upon us to determine what needs our learners have and then make every reasonable attempt possible to meet those needs within our schools. 
Why should voters select you as the candidate?
HENDERSON-TUCKER: I believe voters should vote for me because of the ideas I have explained above and because of my unique qualifications of a parent and teacher.  This gives me a perspective that no other candidate has.
REID: Voters should elect me for the At Large Seat because I am the best person for the job. I’m a Christian, conservative mom and I will use those principles when making decisions for our children. I am not afraid to go against the grain and say no. I will not go along with the popular vote of other members if I don’t truly feel it is the right thing for our children. I’m compassionate, I’m a leader and I feel I have been led to this position for a reason. I will not disappoint you!!
SMITH: To me, this position is about common sense, not politics. I am not interested in politics or bureaucracy. I am interested in fixing a system that is not “broken” but is certainly headed in that direction without having new thinkers and leaders at the helm of the ship. I am also a very firm believer that very few things in life require immediate action(s). We need board members that think freely, consider every alternative possible, make informed decisions, and understand the impact of their decisions on the thousands of families within our school system. 

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