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Preserve, don’t develop, open space

Posted on June 9, 2021


Wake Forest is developing too rapidly. It may soon resemble so many other cities that started off quaint and picturesque.

There are currently 9,000-plus active housing units in development in a city of 50,000 — 18% of the entire current population. Those numbers are derived from the town of Wake Forest’s webpage of active developments.

Maintain that growth for five years and the population will be over 100,000. So by 2026, we will have 200-400% more traffic in Wake Forest than we have today. Is that what we really want for Wake Forest?

What will happen to all the trees, the beauty, and quiet of our lovely town? Acres and acres of trees are clear-cut for the housing developments. How will we get those trees back?

Developments in watershed areas are even more problematic as they affect water quality feeding Falls Lake where all get their drinking water. Once the watershed is compromised it can never be recovered.

There are 289 housing units being constructed on Capital Boulevard behind Joyner Park. A proposal by another developer would add housing units directly opposite on Capital Boulevard at the old Wake Forest Golf Course.

With no input from surrounding neighborhoods or concern for the quality of life, greedy developers seek to wring the maximum profit from the land. There is a 1999 PUD on the property that dedicates 147 acres to open space. Wake Forest rejected the owner’s proposed PUD revision for new development, and won when the developer sued.

The city needs open spaces, not a concrete jungle. We need to consider growth limits and the quality of life we want for us and our future generations. This open space in a vulnerable watershed is a park waiting to happen. Let’s make it happen!

Richard A. Ostergard


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