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Pandemic housing crisis not yet over

Posted on June 9, 2021


It may feel like the pandemic is ending and everything is returning to normal, but we need to remember that “normal” for far too many is houselessness or at risk of houselessness. Due to inadequate funding, federal rental assistance only goes to 1 in 4 eligible renters.

President Biden has proposed building affordable housing in the U.S., but Congress must do more by expanding rental assistance to all eligible renters, so millions of families can keep a roof over their head. Housing vouchers allow low-income renters to find safe housing they otherwise cannot afford.

Let’s ensure our neighbors all have stable housing. I urge Sen. Thom Tillis, Sen. Richard Burr, and Rep. David Price to expand rental assistance to all eligible renters in economic recovery legislation this year.

Maggie Cech


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