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Immigrants don’t deserve our money

Posted on June 30, 2021


Do the math! According to TV on June 25, over 987,000 cross the boarder and were caught. This does not count those that got away. That is unknown.

The News & Observer states it costs $775 a day to feed, house and cover medical costs, etc., per immigrant. Remember, this is only the ones they know about since May 2021. That comes to approximately $764,925 per day.

Yet Biden lets them come on in. Now tell me where the money is coming from. Yet, the older Americans that receive Social Security benefits are operating with trillions in IOU papers. Congress knows about it, yet has done nothing, except cut benefits. These are the people that worked and built this country. These are the ones trying to make it day to day and existing best they can. These are the ones needing more for health care.

You know taxes can’t go but one way — up! These do not have the income to exist. This is what the younger generation can look forward to. Now is it fair for outsiders to get free stuff and paid nothing into the system? No one dare speak balancing the budget — this means both parties. You and I know the answer, but on deaf ears it falls.

Hopefully future politicians will “try” to unwind this cycle because it will take years to do. The dark holes are getting so deep you won’t be able to come out, but sink farther down. Pray, because here on this earth, God will listen. Socialism is not the answer!

Grady S. Macon


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