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Group seeks anti-development candidates

Posted on June 9, 2021


The Concerned Citizens for the Preservation of Wake Forest Open Space & Watershed Protection are seeking to interview like-minded candidates for the upcoming Wake Forest Board of Commissioner elections to be held this fall.

The deadline for commissioner candidates to file is the end of July. Our interviews for candidates who wish to have our support will begin in mid-July.

Developers in Wake Forest are gobbling up open space and tree canopies by the hour in an effort to cash in on the building boom in our state. They have little concern or care for future generations, current residents, wildlife or water conservation efforts.

National builder Toll Brothers along with E. Carroll Joyner have proposed to put homes in the ecologically sensitive Falls Lake Watershed where 50,000 Wake Forest residents get their water.

Please contact us at

Help us save the watershed and open space for future generations. Grow smart Wake Forest!

Wanda Mukherjee


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