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Smithfield OKs rezoning request

Posted on May 8, 2022

Updated on May 14, 2022

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Roger Stanley can move a house to the area outline in yellow.

Courtesy Town of Smithfield

Roger Stanley can move a house to the area outline in yellow. | 919-424-1776

SMITHFIELD — Roger Stanley was seeking the town’s blessing to move a house on East Edgerton Street farther away from North Bright Leaf Boulevard.

That would allow Stanley to keep the house, which he had renovated, and expand his used-car lot, which fronts Bright Leaf.

The Planning Board, in a 5-2 vote, backed the request.

“They felt it was reasonable and in the public interest because Mr. Stanley is trying to upgrade his business and make better use of his properties,” Smithfield’s planning director, Stephen Wensman, told the Town Council on May 3.

Wensman and his fellow planners had recommended the Planning Board and Town Council deny Stanley’s request. “The comprehensive plan guides these properties for commercial,” Wensman said, referring to the document that aims to steer Smithfield’s growth in the coming years.

And while the house and another already stand on East Edgerton, commercial uses dominate the rest of the area, Wensman noted. “It’s not compatible with the surrounding land uses,” he said of Stanley’s request.

The Town Council sided with the Planning Board, giving Stanley permission to move the house to a spot on East Edgerton that he and a business partner paved.

“So basically, he wants to take (the house), move it and square off his lots?” Councilman David Stevens said. “Fix it up, sell more cars on a road they built.”

Yes, Wensman said. “Mr. Stanley wants to take advantage of his property the best he can,” he said. “He’s put about $25,000 in the house already. He wants to recover his investment there as much as possible.”

With that, the council OK’d the request.

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