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Sawrey wins the Senate primary — and the fundraising

Posted on June 6, 2022

Updated on June 11, 2022

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Benton Sawrey, holding his daughter, campaigns in western Johnston County in late April.

Photo courtesy of the candidate

Benton Sawrey, holding his daughter, campaigns in western Johnston County in late April. | 919-424-1776



In last month’s N.C. Senate primary, Benton Sawrey finished first, Jill Homan second and Matt Ansley third.

That’s how they finished in fund-raising too.

From Jan. 1 through April 30, Sawrey raised $118,735 from individuals and another $11,600 from political action committees. Homan, meanwhile, raised $98,799.37 from individuals, while Ansley took in $3,738.

Sawrey said most of his donations came from people he knew. “They know how passionate I am about the community and have confidence in my ability to go to Raleigh and look after Johnston County in the North Carolina General Assembly,” he said.

“Primary races are difficult to raise money in,” Sawrey added. “Lots of your traditional donors sit on the sidelines for fear of alienating the eventual winner. You really have to rely on your personal networks here.”

From Jan. 1 to April 30, Sawrey reported the following contributions of $1,000 or more:

• $5,600 from Becky Flowers, the developer of Flowers Plantation near Clayton.

• $5,600 from Laura Lee of homebuilder Scott Lee Homes in Clayton.

• $5,600 from the committee to reelection N.C. Sen. Jim Perry of Kinston.

• $5,600 from N.C. Sen. James Perry of Kinston.

• $3,000 from the political action committee, or PAC, of the N.C. Realtors.

• $3,000 from the committee to reelect Todd Johnson of Monroe to the N.C. Senate.

• $2,900 from Barry Partlo of Clayton, owner of an agribusiness supply company.

• $2,900 from Reid Smith of Clayton, a builder and real estate developer.

• $2,800 from real estate investor Don Byrd, who lives near McGee’s Crossroads.

• $2,800 Joseph W. Corbett, president of Gray Wolf Homes.

• $2,800 from Jerry T. Dew Jr., manager of Neuse Country Club, the golf course within the Glen Laurel community in Clayton.

• $2,700 from farm owner Randy Edwards of Wendell Road, Wendell.

• $2,000 from Scott McCulloch of Durham, an anesthesiologist.

• $2,000 from Harrison J. Smith of Clayton.

• $1,400 from Jordan W. Finch of Clayton, a builder with Grey Heron Construction.

• $1,400 from Joshua Flowers Finch of Clayton, a builder with Grey Heron Construction.

• $1,200 from Kenly businessman Dale Moore. (He donated food for a Sawrey campaign event in Kenly.)

• $1,200 from Patrick Rhyne of Clayton, a builder.

• $1,000 from Fred Smith, the county commissioner, rancher and businessman from Clayton.

• $1,000 from Benton William Langley of Key West, Florida. He works for Berkshire Hathaway.

• $1,000 from the Political Action Committee of the East Carolina Anesthesia Association, which is based in Greenville.

• $1,000 from William Marsh of Smithfield, a retiree.

• $1,000 from David Henson of Henson Fuerst, a Raleigh law firm.

• $1,000 from Ed Aldridge of Clayton, who is vice president of business development for RiverWild, a Clayton-based developer and homebuilder.

• $1,000 Dene Castleberry of Wendell Road, Wendell.

• $1,000 from Jordan Coates, practice manager at Coates Hearing Clinic near Smithfield.

• $1,000 from Donald L. Creasey of Shotwell Road, Clayton. Creasey is self-employed in real estate.

• $1,000 from the Duke Energy Corp. PAC.

• $1,000 from Lyle Gardner of Evergreen Homes, Raleigh.

• $1,000 from Nell Howell of Country Club Road, Smithfield.

• $1,000 from John Kane of Kane Realty in Raleigh.

• $1,000 from James Lipscomb of Hometown Realty in Clayton.

• $1,000 from H. Dean Penny, an executive with Cary-based Craig Davis Properties.

• $1,000 from Ralph Warren Stancil of Interstate Outdoor Advertising.

• $1,000 from Mike Stevens Jr. of Stevens Sausage Co. near Smithfield.

• $1,000 from Markus Wilhelm of Durham, chief executive of Strata Clean Energy.

• $1,000 from Tina Winborne of the Deacon Jones Automotive Group.

• $1,000 of Barry Woodard of Hometown Realty in Clayton.

• $1,000 from Mary E. Worley of Selma.


From Jan. 1 to April 30, Homan reported the following contributions of $1,000 or more:

• $5,600 Anne Faircloth of Clinton, owner of Faircloth Farms.

• $5,600 from Kenny Woodward of Princeton, president of Vida Wood US.

• $5,600 from Karen Woodard of Princeton.

• $5,000 from John Barnes of Carson Barnes Farms near Spring Hope.

• $4,300 from Michael Hemmerich of Hemmerich Capital LLC, an investment firm in Durham.

• $4,000 from Dr. Max Raynor Jr., an optometrist in Benson.

• $2,500 from Barbera Thornhill of Raleigh.

• $2,000 from Patty Ennis of Four Oaks.

• $2,000 from Michael Saltsman, a partner in Berman & Co., a public affairs firm in Washington, D.C.

• $1,300 from Charles Moran, a political consultant in Los Angeles, California.

• $1,000 from Maritza F. Bolano of New York City.

• $1,000 from John Hammond, an attorney in Indianapolis.

• $1,000 from Charles Small, a real estate developer in Columbia, S.C.

• $1,000 from Kyle Walker of NewGen Worldwide, a commercial real estate investor based in Washington, D.C.

• $1,000 from Andrew Widmark, chairman of Mark Properties, a real estate management and investment firm in Durham.


The architect, who lives in Archer Lodge, reported no contributions of $1,000 or more.

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