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Mayor promises better customer service in Selma

Posted on May 15, 2022

Updated on May 21, 2022

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SELMA — Mayor Byron McAllister said Selma was making strides in improving town services.

“I am impressed with what staff has done over these last few months and how quickly it is getting done,” said McAllister, who took office last December. “We are improving, and I want us to keep improving at every turn.”

But good service is short of great service, the mayor said. “Everybody needs to understand that it’s time to exceed expectations,” he said.

Clearly, at least one town employee hasn’t gotten that message, McAllister said. “I had a conversation yesterday with a citizen who was a little upset because they had contacted a staff member and asked them for help on a particular subject,” he said. “And the immediate response from the staff member was ‘That’s not my department. That’s not my job.’ ”

That attitude is no longer acceptable in Selma government, the mayor said. “I want staff to understand — and I want to make sure this is clear throughout our organization, I want this to be clear to our citizens — customer service is a priority in the Town of Selma,” he said.

“Every single citizen, everybody single stakeholder, everybody who comes through the town of Selma is our customer,” the mayor continued. “They are part of our community. They are our community. We need to make sure that the level of customer service goes up tremendously.”

On the flip side of the customer service coin, Selma residents need to behave themselves, McAllister said. “I was in Town Hall not too long ago listening to one of our citizens curse at one of our customer service representatives,” he said. “It’s not acceptable.”

McAllister promised the council would deal with abusive customers. “We are working on a policy right now to ensure if that happens in our Town Hall, you will no longer be welcome in our Town Hall,” he said. “You’re welcome to sit at home and curse at the envelope in which you’re sending your payment or curse at your computer screen but not at our customer service representatives.

“We all need to learn that treating each other with respect is the utmost priority.”

Returning to the employee side of the equation, McAllister said communication was improving. “Staff is doing a fine job of getting information to council and citizens,” he said.

“We’re going to continue to improve,” the mayor added. “We are still behind the eight ball in getting certain pieces of information out to everybody, but I want you to know that we’re trying and that it will get better.”

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