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Warming trend starts Tuesday

Posted on November 30, 2021


Click the play button to listen to the Weathercast for the week of Nov. 30.

Albert Thomas Jr.

Albert Thomas Jr.

After a cold morning low in the 20s, a bright sun and a wind switch to the southwest Tuesday will begin a multi-day warmup in the Wilson Times area.

Afternoon high temperatures Tuesday are forecast to hit the 58- to 60-degree range. On Wednesday, highs will manage the low- to mid-60s, followed by the upper 60s on Thursday and the low 70s on Friday.

Lows are expected to fall to around freezing overnight Tuesday but then bottom in the 40s through overnight Friday.

While Saturday is forecast to still be mild, cooler temperatures arrive overnight.

No rain is in the forecast through Saturday.

For details, please click on the Weathercast’s audio link.


Albert Thomas Jr., a Wilson attorney and retired judge, will weigh in on Wilson’s weather conditions each Tuesday and Saturday. Thomas is a forecast aficionado who recalls Wilson community weatherman Joe Overman’s broadcasts on WVOT radio.

Visit WilsonTimes.com each Tuesday for a look at workweek weather highlights and get Wilson County’s weekend forecast each Saturday morning.

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