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Understanding integrity: 'Either you have it or you don't'

Posted on May 2, 2021

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Fran Bunn

Fran Bunn

We at Peachtree Baptist Church welcomed more new visitors Sunday. The faithful are starting to come back to church now that COVID-19 is not as active. It is so good to see them. Praise the Lord.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was loving presented to glorify God by Beverly Wilson in loving honor of her mother Barbara Privette’s 90th birthday.

Special music: Jane May performed a piano solo. Marta Whitehouse sang the song “Special Love,” written by Karen Peck.

Bible verse for the month of April: Hebrews 12:2.

Pastor’s message: “The Character Quality of Integrity is Honesty,” with Scripture from various verses. 


Jerry’s devotional this week is “God Is Love,” by Billy Graham, from “Garden of Gethsemane.”

“God is love.” — 1 John 4:8.

“We aren’t always sure ourselves what we mean when we use the term love. That word has become one of the most widely misused words in our language. We say we ‘love’ to travel; we ‘love’ to eat chocolate cake or we ‘love’ our new car. Why, we even say we ‘love’ our neighbors — but most of us don’t do much more than just say it and let it go at that! No wonder we don’t have a very clear idea of what the Bible means when it says, ‘God is love.’

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because God is love, everything is going to be sweet, beautiful and happy and that no one will be punished for his sins. God’s holiness demands that all sin be punished, but God’s love provides the plan and way of redemption for sinful man. God’s love provided the cross of Jesus, by which man can have forgiveness and cleansing. It was the love of God that sent Jesus Christ to the cross!”


My devotional this week is “The Meaning of Integrity,” by speaker Dr. Harold J. Sala.

“But the king said to him, ‘How many times shall I make you swear that you speak to me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord?’” — 1 Kings 16:22.

“While integrity is the very bedrock of a society, our thinking has grown fuzzy over the importance of the issue. Believe it or not, in my file is an article about a certain city where the city council had made a decision to legalize prostitution, and to guarantee that only girls of good character would work. The ordinance demanded that the girls would be licensed by the city: ‘Only upon satisfactory proof that the applicant is of good character.’

“Integrity is moral and spiritual uprightness. It is a personal choice that one makes — a decision to hold himself or herself to an ethical standard, regardless of the consequences.

“Our English word integrity evolved from a Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. In this context, integrity is the inner sense of ‘wholeness’ deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistent character. As such, one may judge that others have integrity to the extent that they act and practice the values they feel are important.

“When General William Dean was a prisoner of war for three years during the Korean conflict, he was allowed to write one letter home. To his son he wrote, ‘Bill, remember that integrity is the most important thing of all. Let it be your aim.’

“Integrity is not measured in percentages as the percentage of free throws that someone makes in a basketball game, or a pitcher makes in putting baseballs in the strike zone. You’ll never hear a broadcaster speaking of someone saying, ‘This man has 73% integrity!’ Either you have it or you don’t. A husband is not 50% faithful to the vows he makes at a marriage altar. Either you are faithful or you are not, and anything less that absolute fidelity is a prelude to a broken home.

“Would you allow a surgeon to operate on you if you knew that he had cheated his way through med school?

“Would you invest your money with a stock broker who had been convicted of fraud?

“Would you fly in an airplane that had only a 50% chance of landing safely?

“And why is integrity so important? Issues of life and death are dependent upon the character and integrity of others.

“A surgeon told a new nurse to keep track of the number of sponges that were used in the course of an operation. He counted out 12 sponges. At the end of the procedure, he asked the nurse how many she had retrieved, ‘Twelve, doctor!’ she replied, and then the surgeon moved his foot that had concealed another one on the floor. That was her last surgery with that doctor.”


• Flower calendar sign-up sheets for 2021 are in the narthex. Please get one, fill out and return.

• Women on Missions met last week for the first time in a year. Peachtree will begin a new mission offering. 

• Peachtree’s new visual equipment for the church should be here this week.

• Sunday school will start at 10 a.m. on Sunday, June 6. 


• Wendy and Ray Edwards hosted an afternoon cookout on Saturday. Great friends and food.

• Janice Sykes’ daughter, Janet, and a friend spent the weekend with her.

• Ray and Joan and Bob Bunn and I went out to dinner Friday night in Wake Forest.

• Chad and Jamie Horner hosted their Sunday lunch.

• Melba and Jerry Hobgood, Virgie and Don Lyles and Bob and I went to lunch at Parkers Barbecue on April 27. Great company and food.

• The Coopers Ruritan Club will hold a chicken plate sale at 11 a.m. Friday, May 7. Food will be available until sold out. No tickets will be sold in advance. Plates are $8 each and will be served to drive-thru customers with no on-site dining.


• To all those sick and in need. Please keep them all in your prayers.

• Maxine Whitley, Barbara Privette, Dorothy Nelson and Rudy and Gail Brantley.

• Randell Whitley and Donnie Patterson, Hal Washington and Brenda Foster need our prayers.

• Delcie Wakefield and Pastor Bill Wakefield are recovering at home.

• Ronnie Matthews, Audrey Farmer and James Tharrington are home recovering.

• Janie Joyner, Bill Nelson and Joyce Brinkley are undergoing treatment.

• Norman Whitley is recovering from surgery.

• Joan Eason is home recovering from surgery.

• Jon Anglemeyer, friend of Nikki Scott, needs our prayers. Jon, a father of two, needs a kidney transplant.

• All organ donors need our prayers.

• Marta Whitehouse needs our prayers. She will be completing a test for her treatments very soon.

• Brenda Foster needs prayers.

• Ricky Clay needs prayer. He will be starting treatment soon.

• Birthday blessings to Phyllis Matthews (May 6), Melanie White and Cheryl Hayes (May 8), Jerry Hobgood (May 9), Sandra Breedlove (May 19) and Ann Browder (May 22).

Area churches: If you have events coming up, please let me know on Saturdays the week before the events. I will need your news no later than 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.

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