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Questioning authorities’ decisions?

Posted on September 13, 2021


Donna Crowe

Donna Crowe

Have you ever said, “If people would just listen to me, the world — or country or schools or church or whatever — would be in better shape”?

I’ve said things like that, partly in jest and partly being serious. It’s easy to watch from the sidelines, wanting to say what should have been done. But the problem is we don’t often know all the facts. Sometimes desired actions can’t be made, so the authority figure makes the best decision that can be made under the circumstances. Or the authority figure is pressured to make a hard, quick decision. Unseen and even unpredictable circumstances can occur.

A simple example is that of a baseball umpire. Sure, these folks can make mistakes, but how many of us could follow a baseball going 90 mph, especially if it slides, dips or makes other tricky movements?

Politicians are particularly the victims of criticism and armchair second-guessing. Let’s take Trump as an example. Early reports on COVID-19 claimed the United States wouldn’t have to worry about it — and at least one other president tried to keep knowledge of a virus from the American people. The media was suppressed. Finally, Spain was willing to write about it, and it became known as the Spanish flu, even though some evidence indicates it started in the U.S.

And Biden had no way of predicting how many people would refuse the vaccines or the arrival of COVID strains such as the delta variant.

This background leads me to ask: Have you ever questioned God’s decisions?

It’s hard to understand, for example, when people pray for the life of a young man injured in an accident and for a little seriously ill baby — and the young man lives, but the baby dies. Why?

When Job questioned why he was being afflicted with all sorts of problems, God asked him questions such as “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” (Job 38).

What we need to do is trust God and His decisions. Right?

Donna Crowe is a minister’s wife.

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