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Midweek showers to usher in cooler air

Posted on May 3, 2021

Updated on May 4, 2021

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Albert Thomas Jr.

Albert Thomas Jr.

A high temperature of 90 degrees is forecast for the Wilson Times area Tuesday afternoon as southwest winds push heat and humidity our way.

After another run at 90 on Wednesday, which will likely fall short by three or four degrees, much cooler air arrives.

Thursday and Friday afternoon highs should only manage the low 70s.

There is a thunderstorm risk late Tuesday into the overnight hours, and a chance of thunderstorms or showers Wednesday and again late Thursday. 

The weekend outlook is for partly cloudy skies and warming temperatures.

For details, please click on the Weathercast’s audio link.


Albert Thomas Jr., a Wilson attorney and retired judge, will weigh in on Wilson’s weather conditions each Tuesday and Saturday. Thomas is a forecast aficionado who recalls Wilson community weatherman Joe Overman’s broadcasts on WVOT radio.

Visit WilsonTimes.com each Tuesday for a look at workweek weather highlights and get Wilson County’s weekend forecast each Saturday morning.

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