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Lynch combines faith, football and family

Rocky Mount High grad is Barton’s signal-caller

Posted on September 25, 2021

Barton quarterback Jaquan Lynch looks for a target during the Bulldogs' season-opening game Sept. 4 against Newberry at Truist Stadium. A Rocky Mount High graduate, Lynch had his best day as a Bulldog on Sept. 11 in a 38-25 win at Erskine.

Sheldon Vick | Special to The Enterprise

Barton quarterback Jaquan Lynch looks for a target during the Bulldogs' season-opening game Sept. 4 against Newberry at Truist Stadium. A Rocky Mount High graduate, Lynch had his best day as a Bulldog on Sept. 11 in a 38-25 win at Erskine. | 252-265-7808

WILSON — Jaquan Lynch can create havoc for opposing defenses as quarterback of the Barton College football team, but the Rocky Mount High product is a contrast off the field.

The softspoken, thoughtful young man is majoring psychology with a minor in criminal justice, and his Christian faith plays a large role in his life.

For the Bulldogs, Lynch has been a mainstay since the spring season. He had, perhaps, his best game for Barton in the program’s first NCAA victory, a 38-25 decision over Erskine College on Sept. 11, with 134 passing yards and another 86 on the ground.

In the lightly edited transcript below, Lynch talks about football, faith and family with Paul Durham, sports editor of Enterprise sister newspaper The Wilson Times.

PD: What are your career plans right now as far as when you get out of college? Have you thought about what you want to do?

JL: Yes sir, I think I would like to be a therapist, or like a school counselor or something like that.

PD: Oh wow, that’s pretty good career and definitely needed these days, it seems. When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?

JL: (laughs) When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a doctor. ... I just wanted to do something to help people.

PD: Do you not want to be a doctor anymore, or did you just realize it might be a lot more school and everything else?

JL: Eventually I would like to get a Ph.D in psychology, further down the road for me.

PD: What kind of hobbies or interests do you have outside of football and being a college student?

JL: I try to spread my faith as much as possible. I’m not really social, I guess. Me and some of my teammates like to talk about God and the Bible and Jesus. I think that keeps me going also.

PD: What church do you go to?

JL: I go to a church called Word Tabernacle in Rocky Mount, but I haven’t been able to go so much, so some of my teammates have been going to Peace Church here in Wilson and they invited me to go this weekend.

PD: What’s the most fun trip you’ve ever taken?

JL: In eighth grade, I had the opportunity to go to University of Alabama football camp. I can’t remember how long, but it was like a few days. We got to stay there, meet their coaches, learn how they do things. I think that was probably the most fun I’ve ever hard.

PD: So you got to meet Nick Saban? What was your impression of him?

JL: He’s a lot shorter than I thought he would be.

PD: Was he nice to you guys? He is pretty intense. I wouldn’t think he’d yell at a bunch of eighth grade campers, but you never know with Saban.

JL: He didn’t yell at us too much.

PD: What are some of your favorite musical groups?

JL: I listen to Maverick City a lot. It’s a little different. Chandler Moore, Maverick City, Elevation Music.

PD: What’s the farthest you’ve traveled from home?

JL: Probably the Alabama trip. Well, I’ve also been to Florida with my family. So yeah, I think Florida.

PD: Where did you go in Florida?

JL: I think it was south Florida. I can’t really remember. It’s been a while!

PD: Do you remember anything from that trip?

JL: I remember going to the beach and the aquarium with my family.

PD: What store would you to go if you got $50,000 and had to spend it all on one trip?

JL: Probably Target or Walmart.

PD: That’d be a lot of stuff at Target or Walmart! What would you get there?

JL: Electronics, get some clothes, food.

PD: Who is your favorite athlete and team?

JL: I like Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

PD: What do you like about Russell so much?

JL: I like that he’s a shorter quarterback like me and he uses his legs to extend plays. He’s a man of faith and he’s a great leader.

PD: What other sports did you play at Rocky Mount?

JL: I played baseball and I ran track and I played basketball my senior year.

PD: What’s your greatest athletic achievement?

JL: I didn’t lose a football game until I got to high school.

PD: Wow, you never lost a football game until you got to high school?

JL: Yeah, we had pretty good teams in youth football and in middle school. We had a good run in high school, too. We had some players get hurt and that slowed us up a little bit.

PD: What’s your favorite thing about Barton College so far?

JL: We’re a small school and I feel like the community rallied around us, especially with the new football program. We had a great turnout for the first game in the new stadium. I love that about this school. Everybody’s close-knit together, even with other sports programs. We all support each other.

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