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Illegal immigration an expensive problem

Posted on July 30, 2019


Collusion! I know of two “collusions” that happen most every day: the manipulation of gasoline prices sometimes two or three times during a day and the Democratic Party’s constant verbal barrage against the president regarding “his” treatment of illegal immigrants. The Mueller investigation put the lid on the Dems’ favorite “collusion,” yet they continue to bellow and howl about the president’s non-existent collusion.

The current rules for processing illegal immigrants were established by the Obama administration. Our current president has the temerity to enforce these rules and everything magically becomes his fault. Typical Democrat BS — obliterate and obscure the truth to score political points.

Illegal immigrants have become a cancer in our country. According to a 2017 Federation for American Immigration Reform report, illegal immigration costs taxpayers $134.9 billion annually. That’s every year for my Democrat friends. FAIR’s analysis revealed that state and local taxpayers covered a very large majority of the $134.9 billion. The federal government’s cost was about $46 billion. That, my friends, is a lot of taxpayer money. Just imagine what that money could do for the legal citizens of our country.

There are folks who claim illegals “pay taxes.” According to the government, illegals only paid $19 billion in taxes. Take a moment to do the math in your head — $19 billion does not come close to the billions American citizens are forced to match. In 2006, illegal immigrants sent home $45 billion in remittances to their countries of origin.

According to, taxpayers shell out $22 billion a year for food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal immigrants. In addition, $2 ½ billion a year is spent on Medicaid for illegals states that $12 billion a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for illegal children — most of whom cannot speak English. Taxpayers spend $17 billion a year to educate American-born children of illegal immigrants known as “anchor babies.”

A 2015 U.S. Department of Justice study states that illegal immigrants were 3.5% of the U.S. population but commit 12% of the murders, 20% of the kidnappings and 16% of the drug trafficking in the U.S. Try to imagine what those percentages are now. Hurts your brain, doesn’t it?

Don’t you think it’s time for Congress to cut out the cancer?

I‘ll close this missive with a few enigmas:

• 1. Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and “Nazis” but illegal aliens are called “Dreamers.”

• 2. Is it not odd that the American flag and American culture offend so many people, but American benefits do not?

• 3. If you think capitalism is the problem, there are 195 other countries where you can get a whole lot less of it.

Wayland G. Abernathy Jr.


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