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How can we be assured of our salvation in Christ?

Posted on October 11, 2021


Fran Bunn

Fran Bunn

Thank God that Peachtree Baptist Church still continues to be blessed. We at Peachtree continue to praise God for all with which he continues to bless us.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was presented to glorify God by Bob and I as a loving reminder of all the members of Peachtree and our community who are at home or in assisted living and nursing facilities. This group of people needs to constantly be in our thoughts and prayers.

Pianist Jane May played a beautiful solo. Pastor Gene Whitehouse played a video presentation for Sunday’s special music, the song, “I Love Living in Love with Jesus,” by The Collingsworth Family.

The memory verse for the month of October is Proverbs 29:25.

Pastor’s message: “The Beatitudes: Blessed are the Pure in Heart,” with Scripture from Matthew 5: 7-8.


My devotional this week is “Sure of Salvation,” from Bible Studies for Life, with Scripture from 1 John 5: 1-5, 11-13 and 18-21.

“According to the Bible, assurance of salvation rests on four unshakable pillars.

“There are people that do not know that they are saved. They may say to you, ‘You mean you can know that you are going to heaven?’

“We can tell them, ‘We can know for certain of our eternal destiny. We can afford to be wrong about going to visit your hometown, but not about going to heaven.’

“The truth is, we can be sure about where we will spend eternity. We can know with certainty that when we die, we will go to heaven. But how can, we be sure? Many people struggle with the certainty of their salvation, especially new believers.

“How can we know where we stand with God? The Bible teaches that the assurance of salvation rests securely upon four unshakable pillars.”

Pillar 1: God cannot lie!

“First, assurance is based on the absolute trustworthiness of Scripture. Throughout the New Testament, we read God’s promises to save all who will believe upon his Son. The Bible says, ‘Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.’ This is a promise! All who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ may have the firm confidence of salvation based upon the infallibility of God’s Word.”

Pillar 2: Jesus paid it all

“Second, assurance rests on the finished work of Jesus Christ. When Jesus died on the cross, He bore our iniquities, enduring God’s wrath, and cried out, ‘It is finished!’ By this, He meant that the full atonement for all our sins — past, present and future — has been made. His work of redemption now completed; our entire sin debt is paid in full.”

Pillar 3: The Great Convincer

“Third, assurance comes through the inward witness of the Holy Spirit. A divinely produced gift, assurance is bestowed by God’s Spirit to all true believers. It is the Holy Spirit’s ministry to convince our hearts of our salvation.”

Pillar 4: New life in Christ

“Fourth, assurance comes through the evidence of a changed life. Ultimately, assurance is confirmed within us as we see God conforming us into the image of Jesus Christ. All who have been born again will see clear evidences of a new life in Christ. While we will never become perfect in this life, we will, nevertheless, experience a changed life. It is this inward transformation that provides strong confirmation of our salvation.”


• The Women’s Missionary Union ladies are busy with their projects. Their annual Appalachian Backpack Ministry started Oct. 1 and continues through Oct. 31.

• A deacons’ meeting was held on Sept. 28.

• A church conference was held on Oct. 3.

• The WMU held its monthly meeting on Oct. 6.

• The Peachtree Men’s Ministry will serve dinner for members and guests at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21.


• JoAnn Blankenship enjoyed a few days at Pinehurst last week with some friends. They shopped, laughed, talked and saw the beautiful golf courses among the rolling hills.

• JoAnn’s granddaughter Destiny King was home for a few days during the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s fall break.

• Jane May celebrated great grandson Perry Clarf May’s fourth birthday on Saturday.

• Stoney Hill Baptist Church hosted its men’s fellowship on Sunday evening. About five guests from Peachtree attended.

• Joan Eason continues to celebrate her birthday month with a new china cabinet.

• Floods Chapel is collecting donations for the St. Vincent’s Island volcano victims. Please contact the church for a list of needs.

• Counting the Costs Ministries, sponsored by Billy and Amy Kornegay, 919-920-4755, is taking up donations for flood victims of St Vincent’s and St Lucia islands. The group is also collecting winter items for an Indian reservation in the mountains of New Mexico.

Area churches: If you have events coming up, please let me know on Saturdays two weeks before the events.


• To all those sick and in need. Please keep them all in your prayers.

• Caregivers: Maxine Whitley, Jerry Hobgood, Dorothy Nelson, Bill Wakefield and Gail Brantley.

• Recovering at home: Ronnie Matthews, Delcie Wakefield, Norman Whitley, Bert Eason, Aaron Edwards’ father-in-law Jim English, Pete Infintino, Barbara Privette, Eddie Abbott, Jeannie Bennett, Reggie Vick and Orville Cooper.

• Undergoing treatment: Marta Whitehouse, Janie Joyner, Bill Nelson, Joyce Brinkley, Deborah Massey, Lawrence Edwards’ cousin Sharon and Steve McDaniels.

• Under doctors’ care: Melba and Jerry Hobgood, Preston Green, Jackie Mitchell Fisher, Ronald Fisher, James Shepard, Brenda Sheppard, Aubrey Farmer, Doug Hayes, Fan Whitley, Sandra Breedlove, Sara Paige, Eula Gupton, Gene Avery, Laverne Whitley, Adam Edwards’ mother-in-law Nancy Law and Sherry Rose.

• Barbara Privette, Eddie Abbott, Jeannie Bennett, Reggie Vick and Orville Cooper.

• Pray for the family of Lawrence Edwards’ cousin Richard Wilder.

• Melba Hobgood is in Rex Hospital.

• Families affected by Hurricane Ida in western North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the northeastern states.

• The people and first responders dealing with flooding in western North Carolina and middle Tennessee.

• Families of the armed service members killed in Afghanistan, U.S. citizens and Afghan comrades still in Afghanistan and their families.

• Wildfire victims in the western United States.

• Those infected by COVID-19 and their families.

• The people of Haiti in the aftermath of a recent earthquake; pray for their recovery and their general living conditions.

• Birthday blessings to Ann Cannon (Oct. 15), E. Ray Eason (Oct. 19), Dianne Bunn (Oct. 20), Brent Bunn (Oct. 21), JoAnn Blankenship (Oct. 22), Fran Bunn (Oct. 24), Karen Macquin (Oct. 26), Brenda Shepherd (Oct. 26) and Brody Edwards (Oct. 26) and Mary Hazel Mink (Oct. 31).

If you have news, please call or email me. My email address is My phone number is 252-478-2846. I will need your news no later than 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.

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