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Hotel suicides affect employees

Posted on September 20, 2021


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A lot of you know I do private security on the weekends. I have in the past worked at hotels in that capacity.

On two different occasions while working for hotels, I had to open a room to find a suicide inside.

Not a pleasant experience.

People who decide to check out of this world in hotel rooms may be trying to spare friends and family, but their decision does affect someone, usually hotel employees.

While writing this week's Unidentified story about a man who died in his hotel room I was reminded of a cold case I wrote about years ago.

A man traveled to Jacksonville to meet up with another man in a motel room. The man he met killed him.

The identity of the killer has never been established.

I found out why when I interviewed the victim's sister years after the motel room murder.

When hearing about his death, the first thing the victim's brothers did was rush to his apartment and destroy anything that would have hinted at the man's secret gay lifestyle.

In getting rid of all that evidence they likely destroyed any clue detectives could have used to catch the killer.

The victim's brothers put their own embarrassment of their brother's sexuality over the chance to catch his killer and may have abetted further killings.

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