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Cold snap could bring weekend snow

Posted on January 11, 2022


Click the play button to listen to the Weathercast for the week of Jan. 11.

Albert Thomas Jr.

Albert Thomas Jr.

The jet stream continues to open up our area to cold Canadian air, and there is no real relief in sight at least into the middle of next week.

As for precipitation, we should be able to avoid it through most, but not all, of Saturday.

That is where the potential problem lies.

By late Saturday and into Sunday morning, several weather models are putting around a 40% chance on our entire area seeing at least some snow. The amounts vary by weather model to weather model, as well as the timing. 

A low pressure system expanding off of the South Carolina coast is the feature to be watched.

Given our history with snow prognostication, even the most ardent “snow watchers” have reason to remain skeptical this far in advance. But, for the first time this season, there is at least something substantial to track.

For details, please click on the Weathercast’s audio link.


Albert Thomas Jr., a Wilson attorney and retired judge, will weigh in on the region’s weather conditions each Tuesday and Saturday. Thomas is a forecast aficionado who recalls Wilson community weatherman Joe Overman’s broadcasts on WVOT radio.

Visit this website each Tuesday for a look at workweek weather highlights and get your weekend forecast each Saturday morning.

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