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Our Opinion: King's dream should convict, challenge and unite us

A Wilson Times editorial
| January 16, 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream of equality, justice and unity with a quarter million people...

The Spring Hope Board of Commissioners discussed a rash of public complaints directed at two young skateboarders during the board's Dec. 7 meeting.


Talk Back: Skateboarders elicit strong reactions

December 21, 2020

Enterprise readers shared their views on the newspaper’s editorial, “Skateboarding is not a crime, S...

Spring Hope commissioners and Police Chief Nathan Gant discussed two young skateboarders during the town board's Dec. 7 meeting.


Our Opinion: Skateboarding is not a crime, commissioners

A Wilson Times editorial
| December 21, 2020

Psychologist and public intellectual Jordan Peterson’s bestseller “12 Rules for Life” should be requ...

Our Opinion: King's dream should convict, challenge and unite us

A Wilson Times editorial
| August 27, 2020

Fifty-seven years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream of equality, justice and unity with a quarter million people in the nation’s capital.  Delivered from the Lincoln Memori...

Our Opinion: Political clothing offers no excuse to mistreat guests

A Wilson Times editorial
| August 4, 2020

Rachel Williams says a T-shirt got her thrown out of a Wilson doctor’s office. In the Charlotte suburb of Gastonia, Lydia Sturgues-Robinson said an ice cream parlor booted her over a …

Our Opinion: Pandemic makes Pumpkin Festival in 2020 too risky

An Enterprise editorial
| July 14, 2020

As Nash UNC Health Care continues to cope with a growing number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, Nash County — like the rest of North Carolina and the United States — is having to ...

Our Opinion: Police reform must start with transparency

A Wilson Times editorial
| June 11, 2020

As stakeholders work to repair North Carolina’s criminal justice system, they should make Louis Brandeis’ famous declaration their constant refrain: Sunlight is the best …

Our Opinion: Open government guarantee belongs in NC Constitution

A Wilson Times editorial
| May 28, 2020

Along with public health, the COVID-19 pandemic is testing government transparency in North Carolina.  State officials have withheld vital information about coronavirus outbreaks that would …

Our Opinion: Southern Nash shows its pride in our students

An Enterprise editorial
| May 18, 2020

Southern Nash County had never witnessed a graduation parade before, but the COVID-19 pandemic that has upended the last few months of the school year, creating a “new normal” and a new vo...

Our Opinion: Cooper's church occupancy limits are unconstitutional

A Wilson Times editorial
| May 21, 2020

In the age of COVID-19, is pushing a shopping cart really safer than holding a hymnal?  Gov. Roy Cooper’s May 5 executive order reopening parts of North Carolina’s economy allows …

Our Opinion: Transparency, free speech win in NC Supreme Court battles

A Wilson Times editorial
| May 4, 2020

The North Carolina Supreme Court supports transparency in higher education and free speech for motorists, two well-reasoned Friday rulings suggest. A long-awaited decision in DTH Media Corp. v. …

Our Opinion: Ask Congress to support local news during COVID-19 pandemic

America's Newspapers
| April 28, 2020

During this coronavirus pandemic, access to accurate and trustworthy information in your community is as critical to life under quarantine and as sought after as hand sanitizer and face masks. Your lo...


Our Opinion: Cooper wise to avoid restricting #ReopenNC protests

A Wilson Times editorial
| April 26, 2020

THUMBS UP to Gov. Roy Cooper for explaining that his statewide stay-at-home order designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t prohibit public protests.  After N.C. Capitol police …

Our Opinion: Protest is essential, even amid growing coronavirus crisis

A Wilson Times editorial
| April 26, 2020

With one unnecessary arrest and one tone-deaf tweet, police placed North Carolina smack dab in the middle of a national COVID-19 controversy.   Videos from Tuesday’s #ReopenNC protest …

Our Opinion: Certificate of need laws could harm COVID-19 patients

A Wilson Times editorial
| March 20, 2020

As COVID-19 cases mushroom, state officials have suspended a rule that would have prevented North Carolina hospitals from adding beds. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services announced …

Our Opinion: Put transparency laws to work this Sunshine Week

A Wilson Times editorial
| March 13, 2020

Want to know how much your police chief and school principal are paid? How about a full rundown of your city council’s spending during that out-of-state conference? The information’s yours for …

Our Opinion: Sharpsburg should end arbitrary limit on dog ownership

A Wilson Times editorial
| March 7, 2020

A Wilson County man’s recent brush with the law has brought a little-known dog ownership restriction in the town of Sharpsburg to light. Gregory Cherry of Lincoln Street is due in court Tuesday …

Our Opinion: State lawmakers know newspapers serve a vital role

A Wilson Times editorial
| March 6, 2020

Journalists and lawmakers don’t always see eye to eye. But three state legislators agree that North Carolina needs a free and independent press to hold elected officials and …

Our Opinion: Nielsen’s sexism disqualifies him from state Senate

A Wilson Times Co. editorial
| January 25, 2020

A Republican state Senate candidate is making headlines throughout North Carolina for all the wrong reasons. Dennis Nielsen was served with a domestic violence protective order after wife Karen …

Our Opinion: Banning hemp to fight pot is reefer madness

A Wilson Times Co. editorial
| January 11, 2020

Eight decades after the anti-pot propaganda film “Reefer Madness” stirred a moral panic over marijuana, cops and prosecutors in North Carolina are bending the truth to bind hemp to its infamous …