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Are we using our talents?

Posted on February 15, 2021

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Donna Crowe

Donna Crowe

The Bible talks a lot about talents. For example, Matthew 25:14-15 presents what has been called the “parable of the talents.” In this account, a man gives one servant five talents, another two and another one — to each according to his own ability. Then, the man heads off to another country.

When the man returns, he asks each man what he has done with his talents. Two of the men had gained more talents. Their boss was very pleased and told them they would be rewarded. But the third man had buried his talent. His boss was angry with him, so he took away his one talent and sent him into eternal punishment.

Clarence L. Haynes Jr., in an internet article, says the parable is not really talking about literal money, but rather about “stewardship, responsibility and preparedness.” Jesus has returned to heaven, and one day, He will return and ask us to give an accounting of what we have done in His absence. 

Haynes rightly says that all of us are called to ministry, so we shouldn’t expect the people who are called to pastoral ministry to do all the work while we just sit back as sponges. Instead, we need to seek out what God calls us to do and do it. 

Our ministry might be in part our job as schoolteachers, heading up a business or whatever secular work we do to make money. It’s not just about what we do inside the church. We can “shine light and share the truth of the gospel” in some way, whatever our work might be.

I’ll add that we can also be good and kind to people, serving them with Christian love and patience. That way, people can see God’s love in us.

God also gives us inborn skills and abilities that we can call “talents.” They can be skills in writing, drawing, speaking and on and on. They can be used in doing God’s work as well.

So, are we using our talents?

Donna Crowe is a minister’s wife. 

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