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Alexander H. Jones


3 questions after the primary

By Alexander H. Jones
| May 23, 2022

Last week saw one of the livelier primaries North Carolina has held in recent years. But for all the...

Mike Walden


How will the hospitality industry change?

By Mike Walden
| May 23, 2022

The North Carolina hospitality industry, primarily composed of restaurants and hotels, is a multi-bi...

Kimball Shinkoskey


Making democracy happen

By Kimball Shinkoskey
| May 23, 2022

Many Americans seem to feel that democracy is a reward that society reaps by enabling free, individu...

Thomas L. Knapp


The real meaning of the word ‘prompt’

By Thomas L. Knapp
| May 23, 2022

“Failed gun legislation is the norm,” reads the headline at Axios, “after mass shootings like Buffal...

John Hood


Housing prices reflect changes in work

By John Hood
| May 21, 2022

It was bound to happen. The percentage of adults working from home has fallen significantly from its...

Tom Campbell


Election winners: Trump, outside money and rage

By Tom Campbell
| May 19, 2022

Pundits and politicos like to talk about “mainstream” or “Main Street” Republicans, as if they made ...

Josh Stein


Scammers target consumers with cryptocurrency scams

By Josh Stein
| May 21, 2022

Scammers are always looking for what’s new and popular to strike the unsuspecting. Cryptocurrency is...

Thomas L. Knapp


Suppressing insane ideas doesn’t stop insane conduct

By Thomas L. Knapp
| May 18, 2022

Why did Payton Gendron — allegedly, but he livestreamed it, so it’s not like there’s much doubt — mu...

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