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Sheriff’s switch an attempt to curry favor

Posted on July 7, 2021


A very popular song was produced in 1935 with lyrics by Andy Razaf and music by Thomas “Fats” Waller. Published by Chappell & Co., Inc., the tune was entitled “Find Out What They Like and How They Like It.”

The song’s refrain was “and let’m have it just that way!” The lyrics detail a woman who could never keep a boyfriend until she changed her “man-keeping” strategy. She goes on to explain through the song how well her new plan works and what might happen if she doesn’t follow through.

In our current political environment, it seems the GOP here in Granville County has followed the concepts outlined in that song. It seems the personality-driven political loyalty they have “signed on to” has taken them over completely, no matter the cost to their honor or integrity.

Recently published newspaper comments: “With (Sheriff Charles R.) Noblin’s politically seismic change, the Granville County Republican Party anticipates other sitting Democrat elected officials to follow his lead and change to the Republican Party,” (“Sheriff Noblin leaves Democratic Party,” July 2). This statement seems to lay out a growth strategy based upon “following” when “leading” is desperately needed.

Did Granville County Sheriff Noblin suddenly “find out what they like and let’m have it just that way”? Will he now be led by those who turn a blind eye to insurrection, lawbreaking and abuse of fellow police officers? No, we didn’t forget about the U.S. Capitol desecration on Jan. 6, 2021!

Surely, all GOP candidates running for office will need to reconcile these questions for themselves and our community. I certainly have no idea what actually caused Sheriff Noblin to change his political affiliation, but the “seismic change” actually came from the Republican Party, and the cost to our democracy is threatening to be destructive to much of what they once held dear.

Now that his “long time burden” has been lifted, Noblin may now be in full alignment with his true political beliefs. Our community can judge his “honesty and integrity” or lack thereof through a clear and accurate lens.

Sallyann Hobson


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