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Don’t use abortion as a form of birth control

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I am responding to Dr. Chelsea Daniels’ column, “Providing abortions is part of my standard of care” (Aug. 11,

Her example of the woman seeking an abortion is the reason there is such division on the subject. Her patient only wanted an abortion because she did not want to be pregnant. Choices have consequences, and her choice to engage in activity that resulted in pregnancy was that consequence. 

For the majority of Americans often noted as accepting of abortion, that applies to those situations of rape, incest or medical necessity. Outside those categories, the acceptance is very different. The use of abortion as a form of birth control is the real issue. To say abortion in that context is health care is an oxymoron. It has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with accepting responsibility for personal choices.

We have more people per representative in the state capital than in Washington,. So, returning the decision to the states to determine abortion law gives the voting public a bigger voice in that decision. As for the states that have restricted abortion, the laws all have exceptions for rape, incest and medical necessity, contrary to activists’ statements. 

Abortion is not an easy or comfortable subject to discuss. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to every situation. There are also advances in medical science that bring into question the timing of abortion and viability. The initial arguments supporting abortion concerning a woman’s ability to succeed in the business world are no longer valid. Companies are providing maternity care and leave, child care opportunities are better and career progressions have dramatically improved.

Abortion on demand for birth control is not the answer, and legislation alone cannot change that. Societal attitudes must shift to make abortion unacceptable except in the rarest of cases, and then it should be based on a medical decision between a woman, the father and their doctor.

Things will not change until activists on all sides stop pointing fingers and making misleading statements and start having meaningful dialogue. Life is precious, and that means all life!

Mick Rankin