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The blame game gets us nowhere

In Scott Bolejack’s column, “Developers aren’t the ones to blame,” he rightfully notes that farmers and their heirs can sell their land to whomever they wish. He fails, however, to point out the larger issue that draws the ire of many Johnstonians.

When that farmland is developed into subdivisions in areas with overfilled schools, congested secondary roads, inadequate water and sewer capacity and no nearby amenities, it diminishes every citizen’s quality of life.

Johnstonians should expect their county commissioners to exercise the oversight authority they have on planning and zoning ordinances when growth far outpaces the county’s ability to meet it. The new 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a great first step, but for it to have any real effect on our county’s future, county commissioners must adopt a meaningful action plan that addresses the plan’s recommendations.

The blame game gets us nowhere. We all see the problems; let’s work together to fix them.

Adam Caldwell