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Lights, sirens, Fireman’s Day parade

Caitlyn Clark is the 2022 Fire Queen for the Creedmoor Volunteer Fire Department. Amanda Dixon | Butner-Creedmoor News

CREEDMOOR — Crowds began filling the streets about a hour before the Oct. 8, Creedmoor Fireman’s Day parade was set to begin. People enjoyed the warm sunshine, clear skies and talking with people along the parade route.

Parents could hardly contain the children as they talked about the big fire trucks and wanting to be a firefighter. Several children said they wanted to work on the big trucks to keep them rolling.

It’s every kids dream to watch the different types of fire trucks and law enforcement vehicles roll by with lights flashing and sirens blasting.

Let’s not forget the candy tossed from the vehicles that sent every kid scrambling to fill their bag with a wide assortment.

Caitlyn Clark was named the 2022 Fire Queen by the Creedmoor Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire equipment from Butner, Stem, Corinth and Brassfield joined the parade. Butner-Stem Middle School Cheer Squad and Spotlight Dance Studio marched down Main Street in Creedmoor.

After the parade, those that had not preordered quarts of stew lined up in hopes of getting a quart or two in the drive thru station.

Chief Billy Fisher said CVFD sold 2,200 quarts of stew this year and are already making plans for next year.